Game 2: Not A Good Omen

How's THAT for a quick hangover following the Opening Game of the season?

Well, if they were holding a contest you'd probably have to wonder yourself, which is worse, losing to the bloody Marlins in the bottom of the 10th on a walk off homer by some tosser named Robert Andino (who had NEVER hit a homer in the majors before!) in the second game of the season OR watching Pedro fall down like he'd been shot in the hammy less than four full innings into his first start of the season?

And raise your hand if you weren't cursing by then telling yourself you knew it, you knew it all along goddamn it, that it was too good to be true, the Johan and Pedro show.

No, you didn't know - you just sensed it and watching Pedro stumble around for the first few innings before pulling up lame seemed to reaffirm it. Wait now, reaffirmation didn't come officially until Rick Wise surrendered the game-losing homer to the no-name Marlin but yaaaaas, the answer was there, waiting to be read as all the euphoria of Opening Day slowly drained from your veins and spilled out on to the carpeting.

But then again, take a deep breath and grap a nice cuppa, like perspective.

It IS only the second game of the season, after all.

It ISN'T the same as Pedro tearing his labrum of some other terrible, season-ending injury. He's a skinny old man and skinny old men are prone, as Pedro has been for some time now, to niggling little hamstring and calf sort of problems.

We can't really be sure what sort of omens to read into this. Not if we're going to maintain our sanity throughout the course of the season, so you know what you do?

Nothing, that's what.

It's too bloody early to panic just as yesterday it was too early to allow yourself to become filled with glee and gloating. Wallace Matthews wisely told us that yesterday. How you start the season is alot less important than how you finish it. Of course, he hadn't predicted a Pedro injury in the second game of the season. He didn't need to. It was all implied.

And nothing excuses failing to batter that pathetic Marlin bullpen and making the game a runaway victory regardless of Pedro's situation. Church didn't come through, Delgado didn't come through and the mighty Met batting order mustered nothing against a bullpen of nobodies. Now THAT is disturbing.

In any event, the one loss, annoying as it is, is not the important news we'll be waiting for over the next day or two. That news will be the degree of injury Pedro suffered. Is this going to be a season-long, teeth-grinding sort of experience wherein the delicate maestro never quite achieves full effectiveness or is he going to miss a start or two and come back twice as strong? We all know he's heard it "pop".

The answer is: we don't know, yet.

The Mets haven't even made an official announcement about the injury yet.

So we'll wait and hopefully by tomorrow, with the second of our first three games wrapped up in victory, we'll hear that the Pedro Hammy is not the end of the world or omens of our doom and gloom.

And if Pedro's injury is more serious well, perhaps we can preoccupy ourselves with the Willie Countdown.

That and the question of who will replace Pedro, Jorge Sosa or some other schmuck from AAA?


sanchez said...

pretty much sickening.

I sense a pattern here in Omar signings - Pedro, who hasn't done much but offer promise and make witty comments since putting on a Mets uniform. Alou habitually injured. Delgado collapses, Castillo is as fragile as the rest of them, the lousy catchers (ok 3 hits last night but watch the rest of the season), etc etc. Are we only willing to sign the perpetually injured and ailing?

Itsmetsforme said...

the oldies go down in a stiff breeze, the one lesson Omar refuses to learn.

this was no looper pooper though, on an up note.

Jaap said...

sanchez, yes! We ARE only willing to sign the perpetually injured and ailing. If we breezed through the season 162-0 and won the NL East by 42 games, what fun would that be? injuries add perspective. keep chanting that to yourself all night and call me in the morning.

Jaap said...

IMFM - aye, Omar has a stubborn love for old men. The opposite of paedophilia, I suppose. Octogeneriaphilia, perhaps. On the bright side, try to consider the advantage the Mets will have at the Old Timer's Game considering they're all still active players...