Thank You For Not Losing

It's a strange world I inhabit when I open the London Times this morning only to find out about Rick Astley, Champion Muppet and the song contest gone awry. It takes news a long time to travel buddy but when the Mets get a big plug in the London Times, even if it's as the butt of some sick internet joke well, we've made it. Just remember this, it could have been much, much worse: an internet conspiracy to include a Culture Club tune or a George Michaels ditty.

And yes, I'm pulling an El Puque having missed the first two games of the Home Opening series and worse still against the Phillies - and can I get confirmation on who I am supposed to hate more these days the Effin Braves or the Phucking Phillies? Is there a consensus on this somewhere out there? Hate in equal parts?

And yes, whilst I'm temporarily on the Blogging DL with calloused fingertips and repetitive motion strain, I am lusting in my heart for the Mets.

So, yes, Tuesday appeared to be an unmitigated disaster but Wednesday was a little better - it's winning those you aren't supposed to win that count the most - let's put away the vicious hyperbole for a time and settle slowly into the season. It's early and well, hmmm. I'm out of cliches for the day.

Let's go Maine Mets!


crooks banza said...

IMHO, all yesterday's game proved is that the Phils, without the glue which is Rollins, can stink it up as badly as our guys . . . the same lack of hitting was on display last night - we garnered all of 5 hits against some of the worst pitching you'll see this side of our bullpen . . . the jury is still out.

Jaap said...

I couldn't agree more - this first victory over the Phillies didn't mean much but it sure was a relief. And yes, without Rollins, the Phillies (well even WITH Rollins) the Phillies are still just as mortal as the rest of the NL East.