Were These The Mets We've Been Waiting For?

Oh, c'mon.

Yes, it was nice to see a little modicum of efficiency displayed by the favourites to win the NL East. A 5-0 victory is something to be cherished, especially as it was led by persistent mouth guard chewer, Mike Pelfrey.

Realistically, it was one game. One game against what is arguably the worst team in the East. One victory against a team who has lost 10 of their last 11.

The Magical Lastings, Captain Bonehead, tossed out trying to steal third by the man he was partially traded for...

Regardless, perhaps the wisest words on dealing with this Mets squad are found in this paean to mediocrity:

"So, get 2006 out of your minds. In actuality, this is more like 1998, when a superstar joined a bunch of middling players. (Although clearly Wright & Reyes > Alfonzo & Olerud). In other words, go to Shea, have fun, cheer the wins, shrug your shoulders at the losses, and, above all, feel free to make other plans this October."

But now I've wandered off course like a Jorge Sosa strike zone.

I tried to savour this in the wee hours of the morning over here but couldn't help noticing the tinge of bitterness, that eagerness to jump on the shit pile bandwagon of frustration with the Mets. For several innings, clinging to their fragile 2-0 lead thanks to David Wright's homer, WFAN announcers were pointedly disgusted by the Mets' continued failure with runners in scoring position.

I couldn't blame them. After all, Pelfrey was on the mound and an Nats outburst, a Lastings Milledge revenge grand slam just didn't seem very far away you see because we're becoming accustomed to this. So we were all a little fearful.

But for one fantastic night any way, Pelfrey pitched with promise. Seven scoreless innings of promise to lift his record to 2-0 on the season. That's Pelfrey, 2 and oh this season, yaaaas, I know, bring us a little water to revive us on that one...

And for a night anyway, Jose Reyes played as if his hammies were made of steel and he hadn't a care in the world as he shot out of the blocks following his brief layover threatening to hit for the cycle.

Wait. There's MORE good news?

Mr I Hope The Mets Lose Every Game missed out on his Shea return because he what, got scared his eardrums might burst from the booing?

Ah yes, Duaner Sanchez making a scoreless 2008 debut after nearly two years off. Again, like all else this accomplishment is weighted by the caveat that it was only one night and it was only against the Nats but still, if he'd hung a curveball for a three run homer we wouldn't just shrug and think, eff it, it's only one night? Of course not, we'd be screaming with anger, our eyes would be bulging in frustration, our brains prone to aneurysms. So cut the kid with the bad cab some slack. Maybe he's finally going to start showing some promise again.

And Willie, everyone's Mr Punching Bag this season, finally showed a little managerial initiative, dropping Luis Castillo to 8th in the order whilst promoting Ryan Church to bat second, a strange and curious move that paid a few dividends.

So for one night anyway, be grateful. For all we know the Nats will take the next two on the trot and we'll all be pissing and moaning into our little plastic cups of stale, watery beers.

For now, enjoy. Relax. Maybe these Mets will one day pleasantly surprise us again.

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how little gives us hope and how little brings us the dread of doom. Glad to watch a game we finally didn't have to sweat too much about though. Glad to see Duaner back as well!