Wright Saves Mets From An Ugly Loss

Maybe some day Johan Santana will positively sparkle at Shea when it really matters, say in the NLCS. So far though, his two starts at Shea have been less than impressive yet optimism prevailed last night. He walked off the field to cheers rather than boos.


Maybe some day David Wright will get the MVP award he deserves but for the moment, he'll have to settle for a game-winning, 11th inning walk-off hit to avoid what would have been a gutting loss.

Billy Wagner's first blown save of the season wasn't necessarily his fault. Jose Reyes' error certainly didn't help but considering he managed two full innings of relief, Wagner was able to escape Shea's now-notorious boo-birds.

Better Wright than Never...

Overall, last night's 5-4 11 inning win inched them that much closer to the NL East lead but frankly, it was hardly a heart-warming performance.

Mr No Curtain Call Strikes out with the bases loaded...hardly breaking news.

Consider that Reyes was on base SIX times; three hits and three walks, but scored only ONCE the whole game and you'll have a good idea of some of the frustration involved in listening/watching to last night's game. Leaving 19 on base throughout the course of the game, so many blown chances can be frustrating - until you realise you should be thankful the opponent was the Pirates, who left 21 on base, lead the league in errors and as you witnessed, seem to have trouble throwing strikes.

So rather than needing this to be a long whinge and moan session about the inadequacies of this season's version of the Mets, it's safe to applaud Ryan Church's two-run homerun that tied the game in the 4th. Give a cheer for Santana, yes, even though he didn't get the win, didn't last six full innings or strike out double digit batters. His ERA is down to 3.12.

Or how about an ironic cheer for Jorge Sosa whose one inning of relief earned him a third victory of the season which ties him with Santana for the team lead - quite a triumph considering he isn't a starter.

Aaron Heilman
proved at least he is consistent. A third of an inning, 17 pitches, one walk and one hit. Maybe a change of scenery would do him well. Somewhere like Pittsburgh, which seems to have worked wonders for Xavier Nady.

So anyway kids, message is: sigh of relief.

This is the third victory in a row after a harsh lull and if you want to REALLY hear some crazy speculation, (no not reaching the top of the NL East) Moises Alou could be back in the lineup by Friday!

Is there no end to the madness?


sanchez said...

nah, Moises won't be back. They say he will be back but he's going to stumble coming out of the team bus and break his hip. When he and Pedro are both back off the DL together you will know it's time to sew up the NL East

sanchez said...

by the way, what kind of freaks are you carrying in that mail bag of yours?

Jaap said...

oh sanchez, little faith. moises will be back and will provide the batting oompf the Mets order has lacked all season. Problem is more how to get the delgado strikeout machine out of that same order//

Anonymous said...

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