Here Goes Another Round Without Pedro

Perhaps, this is the theme song the Mets should go with...something, a Marley tune like No Pedro No Cry, or Jennings/Nelsonesque along the lines of Mamas Don't Let Your GMs Grow Up To Sign Pedros.

I mean I think it's safe to say at this juncture that well, Petey's a little injury-prone. I'm not moanin, mind you. I have always been for Pedro's signing and have always enjoyed seeing him in a Met uniform when his toe, or his shoulder or his ankle or his hamstring allows.

But c'mon kids, the theme is getting just a little tiresome, isn't it?

So whilst the Mets were putting an appropriate 13-0 hammering of the Marlins in the books in Game Three of the season the Mets Collective was in the midst of a mid season sort of starting rotation musical chairs, debating the merits of Jorge Sosa or the readily unheralded Nelson Figueroa or the also oft-injured ageing wonder of the DL, El Duque.

And the logic, the optimistic and favourite spin du jour was obviously to point out that we went nearly the entire season without Pedro last year and made the best of it anyway so this is nothing considering what an upgrade Johan Santana is over Tom Glavine. But that logic rather confuses the point in that it misses the fact that this is the second season in a row we're starting on the Pedro Wait and instead we begin to hear the disturbing sort of Willieism we heard all during last season's collapse, the whistling in the dark sort of what me worried?, stoicism that defies the burning pieces of reality all around them.

"I don't have to answer yet." Willie was heard admitting bravely. "We don't how long Pedro will be out. Anytime a pitcher has a hamstring, it's usually automatic DL. And we don't know how his will be. Hamstrings are tricky."

Now it certainly isn't Willie's fault that Pedro's health has done another runner. And he's certainly got to steady the ship rather than run around inside the dugout and the clubhouse screaming in panic, the hairs of his mustache falling out much like they did at the end of last season. (What, you thought he shaved that mustache off? Nooooo. That was hair falling out from stress...)

And yes, being as that this song, whatever we choose to title it about Pedro's perma-presence on the DL, is indeed a familiar one perhaps we'd be best served simply forgetting about it rather than wondering what if. Because frankly, those what-if scenarios go both ways as in: What if Omar hadn't signed Johan? Then we'd really be looking at a potentially fatal disaster. For the time being it's better to simply shrug and get on with it. What, me worry?

Church comes home after pounding the pavement for Jesus.

So against what is, in essence, minor league pitching, the Mets took out their frustrations. David Wright, a 3-run homer. Sweet Jesus Church, a 2-run homer. Carlos Beltran, a trio of doubles, one of which was certainly a home run and further proof of the blindness and inequities of umpires. 17 hits in all. I mean hell, even Carlos Delgado had two hits so you've got to figure the pitching sucked.


As in, sure, Pedro's on the DL, but I'd hate to see the other guy.

Who's bothered about the fact that after this outburst the Mets probably won't score more than a pair of runs in one game for a week?

Well, someone's got to pick up the slack...

Yes, Oliver Perez was simply spell-binding; 6 innings of nearly flawless 5 hit shutout, 8 strikeout ball. But this was the Marlins after all and Perez is always one outing away from sending us all running for the toilets when he has another stint of allowing 6 walks in a matter of innings, hittting batsman and making everyone shake their head in wonder like, yeah, but where is the real Oliver Perez?

So I don't know what to make of this 2008 season just yet and well I shouldn't given that we're only 3 games into it.

This weekend against the Hated Braves should do it, should give us a little inkling of where we're headed.

But for now, even whilst Pedro's hamstring injury is rumoured to be high up the hamstring, a notoriously difficult place to recover quickly from, at least we have one consolation: Hey, at least we don't support the Marlins!


sanchez said...

I can feel the momentum for Figueroa building. Didn't you see his scoreless outing last night against the Marlins? But waiting for El Duque to get better would be like waiting for an aneurysm to settle. I'm not buying it. Pedro will be out for 6 weeks or maybe even 8 weeks and then he'll toss a few minor league games and he'll come back and strain his calf and go back on the DL. And that is when Johan Santana will finally realise what a fool he was for agreeing to that contract for a snake-bitten rotation

Itsmetsforme said...

Alou, Old Duque, Pedro. Great performers when on the field, but spend most of their time watching their fart bubbles surface in the clubhouse hot tub.

Omar is dangerously addicted to elderly invalids, and this needs to stop in the near future. Flushing is no place to convalesce.

Jaap said...

sanchez, calm down hermano - it ent even the first week complete yet. yea, pedro's injury is frustrating but it's a long season and by september we might well have forgotten all about this...

Jaap said...

IMFM: yes, these old men are still great in those rare moments when their aging muscles aren't pulled or strained but perhaps we're lucky to get these bugs out of the way early in the season and, like Alou did last year, they'll all be back for a late season push to the WS! (hahaha - can't quite say that with a straight face)

Itsmetsforme said...

"late season push to the WS"--yes, i wish they'd made a late season push. they staged their push in April unfortunately.

put sanchez on suicide watch until after the atlanta series. if it doessn't go well, i may join him.

sanchez said...

I'm not going on a suicide watch after the braves series but maybe a homicide watch if I have to look at a bunch of network close-ups of hillybillies in baseball caps and 12 year old bimbos out to the game fixing to find their cousin husbands!