A Pleasant Surprise On The Way To Insipidness

Aye, whilst away (rehearsals, gigs and packing for The Move) and incapable of commenting on this recent surge of victories by our favourite lads, (easy now, those of you kicking the newcomers off the rapidly departing bandwagon for being Doubting Thomases)it appears even an intriguing run of victories is insufficient to lift the
Mets to the rafters of the NL East but nevermind. Not even last night's exciting loss could deflate the enthusiasm deriving from a near sweep of Philly in their mutton chop little homer shop called home.

To briefly revisit the efficient mechanisms of this victories march, I thought it might be appropriate to allow some fellow bloggers' own words suffice wherein my own have been absent.

The funny thing is, going through my blog roll, I found so many of my fellow bloggers had either been equally busy, absent or unable to lend much commentary. Perhaps the Nats were simply not up to snuff when it comes to exciting opponents.

Wednesday, Game 2 at Shea v Nats: Over .500 reasons for Mets Win courtesy of IMFM (wot, spell it out? I ent got that many fingers!) relives the many reasons why Jose Reyes is suddenly alive and ebullient once again, a sign that the Mets chances are not necessarily sinking...but the main gist, ultimately, a victory, a 5-2 number which saw John Maine earn his first win of the season.

Thursday, Game 3 at Shea v Nats: For the sweep...Appropriately, Mets Walk-Offs to do this commentary on a narrow 3-2 14-inning victory which ended with Damion Easely scoring on a Wild Pitch and perhaps a little unsung, that nobody's favourite hero, Nelson Figueroa coming home again for another unexpectedly solid outing as 5th starter, well done.

Mets Take Turns Touching Johan To Make Sure He's Real

Friday Night Game 1 @ Philly
: On the road in Satan's Workshop,The Wunderkind, John Santana to earn his millions pitching lights out against our rivals and Metsradamus bemoans Heilman's near-drop meaning the Mets withstood a near-rally or Aaron Heilman is going to be the death of us before Billy Wagner gets a chance to when the games really matter? But, as they say, a win is a win is a win. Beating the Phillies in Philly is a lovely, novel approach to this NL East thing.

Billy Thanks Someone That He Didn't Get Embarassed

Saturday Game 2 @ Philly
: Another helter skelter outing by Oliver Perez but effective enough for, brace yourself, another victory over the Phucking Phillies and Brooklyn Mets Fan was there to cover it, complete with very telling photos.

Awwww, a Little Phrustration Rears It's Philly Head

Sunday Game 3 @ Philly
: A chance for a sweep over the Phillies in Philly. Too good to be true? Indeed.

Subjected, owed to the ESPN coverage, to another series of , this game was at least televised here in England, albeit at the traditional 1:00 AM start time. Yes Joe, It's Toasted offers some entertaining insight into Joe Morgan's "skills" as a baseball commentator whilst skillfully evading the ugly reality of a loss at the hand of Pedro Feliciano, who gave up Pedro "Happy" Feliz's pinch hit homer and the glove of Jimmy Rollins' ghost which robbed the Mets of a game-tying hit.

The only encouraging outcome of the series was winning two of three in Philly but David Wright, another Met taking his turn in the leadership role, wasn't satisfied. "These are the games than can bite you later on" he said of their failure to sweep. "We had a chance to deliver a knockout blow, and we didn't. We won a series ... great. But we had a chance to make a statement."

Well blown opportunity or not, it was a nice 5 game run and hopefully an encouraging sign of things to come....


sanchez said...

what's this? Just links to other peoples' blogs and no commentary on the games themselves? Lazy, lazy man. If you were a Met, you'd be Aaron Heilman so far this season. Or maybe El Duque is closer.
Good luck with the move...

Jaap said...

cheers, sanchez. yes, I'm developing a new theory about allowing your environment work FOR you rather than AGAINST you. If it succeeds, I'm planning on feeding it to Carlos Delgado and Aaron Heilman in tablet form the rest of the season.

Itsmetsforme said...

i think it's a fine strategy. every blog should have a sanchez.