The Effin Braves Already

After reading about the latest Mike Hampton injury you might almost wonder how this guy escaped Omar's radar. He's got real DL cred: 2005, 12 games pitched, then DL. 2006, Disabled all season. 2007, Disabled all season. 2008, DL'd after "warming up" before pitching his first game.

Now Pedro's made of a little tougher mettle. 2006: All winter and Spring Training worries about The Toe, ended up turning in a decent performance most of the season before season-ending shoulder surgery. 2007: out nearly the entire season before a brief comeback 2008, DL'd after less than 4 innings pitched.

On the other hand, we could think about the fact that three games into the season and there's yet to be a fit bird photo appearance, so here's a few extra:

But forget it. I'm done feeling bitter about Pedro's latest injury and the Old Timer's roster Omar has assembled to lead the Mets to the promised land this season. I'm declaring a moratorium on whingeing about the average age of the average Met or who is hurt or who isn't playing. Done, you hear me? Just be happy Omar never signed Barry Zito. Life could be ALOT worse, believe me. And let's not forget that Omar is solely responsible for fleecing the O's, getting John Maine and Jorge The Human Comedy Machine Julio in return for Mr and Mrs Benson for crissakes. Julio's hanging on by his fingernails in Cleveland (1 inning pitched, 1 homer surrendered), one step away from Buffalo and Mr and Mrs Benson are toiling away in Clearwater, rehabbing for the Phillies, of all teams.

There's your little retrospective for the day, a glimpse of hindsight for your rear view mirror.
But none of it matters any more because whatever your misgivings or fears, the exhibition games against the minor league Marlins are over and even though it's early in the season it's time to try and work up a little rabid spittle and bile for the Braves.

Tonight it's going to be John Maine going up against Tim Hudson. Maine had a ferocious Spring Training and I don't mind admitting I've got him on my fantasy team, even over Johan, because frankly, he's alot cheaper and his numbers at times, can be nearly as impressive. He went 1-1 against the Braves last year with a 3.93 ERA. Hudson is in essence, the Braves' staff ace, 2-2 3.33 against the Mets last season. Fortunately, he's a righty meaning what, the Mets won't have trouble hitting him like they allegedly will do against lefties this season? The opening game, Atlanta's Home Opener, will likely be close and go down to the wire. Braves bullpen is a little overworked after last night's extra inning loss to the Pirates and having to fill in for Hampton at the last minute so I'm predicting a Mets victory.

But then in Saturday's game, we've got Glavine making his return to his beloved, precious little Braves after his four year fling with the Mets. Naturally any of us would like to see him shattered into a thousand pieces like he was for us in that final game of the season against the Marlins last year. Give up 17 runs in the first inning and slink away whingeing about calf cramps or the weather being too cold to grip the ball. But he's a lefty and the word on the street has been the Mets can't hit lefties so he's advantaged there. And moreso because he's taking the mound against Mike Pelfrey whose pitching was about as impressive in Spring Training as Rituparno Ghosh's directing in Draupadi. This does not bode well for the Mets although IF I had to choose between the Mets winning two of three or the Mets losing all but the game against Glavine and really, REALLY pounding Glavine in a career-threatening sort of way on Saturday, I'd go for the pounding of Glavine. I admit it. It's early in the season and regardless of all that mumbo-jumbo about this being an early test, these games don't mean diddly in September.

And Sunday it's Godzilla versus Mothra and all bets are off.


sanchez said...

This is a simple equation: the Mets will lose two out of three with the pen blowing one loss and Pelfrey with the following numbers: 3 1/3 IP, 6 hits, 4 walks and 5 earned runs. Glavine will probably no-hit the Mets for his first five innings before giving up a hit to Pagan and then hitting the showers after reaching his 80 pitch count. Oh yeah, and Gotay will probably have a pair of pinch hit homers.

Jaap said...

looks like nobody's a winner on the prediction plate today, sanchez. PPD rain? What is this, England??
But on the bright side, we get a reprieve from having to wince through another manic Mike Pelfrey outing, yeah!

Anonymous said...

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