Another Ugly Loss

Well of course the season is full of pitfalls, valleys and peaks and of course, the consecutive day embarrassment in Wrigley Field, this time a hideous 8-1 loss, is the valley with the potential peak of the Nats rising on the horizon but, woa - losing this ugly is boring, unpalatable and a dreary exercise.

At least someone has a hero

Don't hesitate to blame Jorge Sosa but by that same token, whilst he did surrender a disgusting grand slam to little Ronnie Cedeno, ultimately, the Mets were heading nowhere rather rapidly without his assistance with no rally in sight.

Without the hometown crowd in his ear, Nelson looked well, Figueroa-ish

Are the Cubs really this good, the Mets this bad or is this just one of those cases of someone being high hitting someone low and an inevitable explosion? An aggregate 15-2 score over two disastrous days leaves one not pondering the source of the illness but frantically searching for the toilet.

There's a rather ponderous hole in the batting order where the Carlos' used to hit. Beltran and Delgado have managed to pinch out a meagre 5 hits cumulatively over the last 7 or 8 games and in this series alone, David Wright went a rather unceremonious 0 for 6.

Clearly the Mets aren't going anywhere when the meat of the order is rancid and fly-ridden.

Cy Young against the Mets

What's more insulting is that this anemic offensive patter came against the insalubrious Ted Lilly, who hadn't won a game all season and had been well-battered in the average outing thus far but sparkled against the pathetic and vulnerable Mets batting order.

Not even Angel could Aid the weak and feeble Met bats

So let's hope a trip to Washington will be just the tonic the Mets bats need but don't count on it. This sort of slump has all the characteristics of something ugly and futile growing uglier and more futile by the day.

Unless Johan can save the day, of course.


seymour said...

the startint pitching is still holding up better than expected. and just aroud the time the hitting and bullpen come back around again, the starting pitching will suck again. typical.

Marc said...

I think that they won today over the Braves.