Figuero, Figuero, Figuero!

There probably aren't too many willing to bet he'll do it again but for a night anyway, the local boy, Nelson Figueroa done good; retiring the first 14 batters in order-sort-of-good and the Mets snuck away with an improbable 4-2 victory over the Brewers.

Pedro's replacement shines on the home town stage: Perhaps it was the quirky underarmed delivery that befuddled Brewers.

That's three victories in a row and a leg over .500 again as the bullpen did it's job in efficient order: Joe Smith and Aaron Heilman retiring 6 in a row through innings 7 and 8 leading up to Billy Wagner's first save of the season, just like they draw it up on the board in class, for a change. No bases loaded melodramas or white-knuckle moments, just a simple victory.

But aha, not entirely simple. Jose's Hammies have made an unexpected visit again after hiding away for a couple of years. Unlike most of the Mets' injury worries, this has nothing to do with age and given his slow start this season, one might also begin to wonder if there isn't, on the heels of last season's controversies and nose-dive performances, if there isn't a deeper, unspeakable malaise Jose is hiding.

Regardless, Angel Pagan continued his recent success in Luis Castillo's second spot in the order, Carlos Delgado drove home another run and if you didn't bother listening to the whispers, you might have heard a moment of peace in a thus-far delicate season.

For one night anyway, King of Queens...

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