Well, Here We Go Again

23:41 GST, I'm plugged in to the Mets
going to bat, 8th inning, Santana exactly
100 pitches.

6-2 lead.

I've erred. Forgot about the time difference, went out to see a band and on the way home, pop! It dawned on me that the bloody Mets were already well into the heat of Game One...so I ran past the long boats and scattered the seagulls in all directions, three flights of stairs up and slid into the seat for the WFAN broadcast.

What was I expecting against the team that absolutely humiliated the Mets in the final game of the season when we last saw them?

Well, certainly the hype and warp speed of expectations with the signing of Santana meant hmmm....the last time the Mets debut of a big name offseason acquisition pitcher, the he-man of the rotation came a few years back against the Reds, Pedro's debut demolished...

I'm sorry, I couldn't help remembering Looper's Pooper before Mike Jacobs pops out a three run homer in the 8th...but no, a nightmare that we aren't experiencing on this channel in this, the magical of magical seasons to come...

Scott Schoenweiss getting the ball is not the heart saving effort you're looking for.

Of course, the little nightmares do not materialise, the Mets build upon their lead to a 7-2 win and Johan Santana proves he is as good or better than advertised. Three hits -- one a home run -- two walks and two runs in seven innings. Can we mention how wonderful it is to have someone like Santana pitching for the Mets on Opening Day? Four strikeouts in a row? Granted, it's just the Marlins' lineup but nonetheless who can say anything but wonderful to see?

Delgado 0 for 2 walk and a run scored, Delgado badly fooled. But Delgado at least in the lineup and hopefully a man of many RBIs to come else we'll consider taking him out horse-style and putting him down with his dodgy hip and hole in his swing.

Pagan and Church to follow. Not precisely music to my ears when I hear that Lastings Milledge is in his Nats uni making Omar look sillier by the day but for one day anyway, they haven't embarassed themselves and if the Spring was any indication, Pagan might be the unexpected hero to emerge from the doldrums and elevate the batting order.

Ok, a few yips, like Luis Castillo failing to make it home on Carlos Beltran's two out double in the first inning? Gimpy knees, first full speed run all Spring?

But how about Jorge Sosa's impressive K with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 8th?

The magical bash-around in the 4th that saw the Mets jump ahead 6-0?

Well, the first is over. Still undefeated. Let's see a 162-0 season!

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