Mets Win Again: Is This A Trend?

It's rather amusing in a way.

If there's enough momentum down hill to get back up the hill again well...

Last week, the Mets won a couple in a row, big ones, emphatic ones, ones which included double comebacks and helped dispel the rumours of ineffectual management, dire player apathy, etc. And yet no one was really ready to get fooled again into believing the Mets had turned the corner, that a significant hurdle had been well, hurdled.

Each victory that followed (well, three of them in total sandwiched around one loss which can be attributed mostly to Heilman and partially to the idiot umpire who blew a call,) one could almost sense the reluctance to believe slowly shedding its skin.

And yes last night's victory, on International telly was another notch in the bedpost of credibility but still we find ourselves fishing caveats out of the superlatives. Yes, they did it again but we've seen already how quickly the feel good can become nausea.

Pelfrey discusses bus tickets to New Orleans in early moments of game before saving his job Saturday with a ruddy but sufficient outing.

Yes, encouraging to see the ace we signed pitching like the ace we signed. Johan Santana blew through the Dodger lineup with relative ease and hey, maybe their batting order is a shambles but the ace steps up and the ace gets his 100th career win, his 4th in 5 starts and things are beginning to smell good. And if we allow ourselves that requisite moment of unfounded giddiness, why not throw in the bit about Pedro coming back and hell, if Pedro can pitch without hurting himself, anything is possible.

Aye get giddy but somehow, I suspect most are still waiting for the other shoe to drop as it has so many times already since last September.

Is this what they call heating up?

And if this robust little agony irradicated isn't enough how about Carlos Beltran looking like he's going to go on one of those patented little hot streaks having homered to tie the game Saturday night then popping out another 2-run job on Sunday night.

Dr Bang returns with a vengeance.

Or the season's MVP to date, Ryan Church, coming back from his two concussions to smack three hits? I, like many others, predicted many bad things for the Church and bemoaned the trade of Milledge for him and Schneider and yet, who had the faith or the foresight, other than Omar, to see that this was an inherently good steal.

Enough wins to begin to think this might just be a trend, the Mets playing to the capacity of their talents, shedding injuries, introducing unknowns to key moments, solid if not occasionally stellar pitching, blablabla.

And, of course, on the other hand, the inevitable fear that this is a temprorary mirage, a feel good moment bound to end in misery.


Itsmetsforme said...

watching Tatis come through has made these guys realize that anyone can do it.

sanchez said...

let's face it, this is essentially a schitzophrenic team: Mr Good Met v Mr Bad Met. the only way to overcome this is a public ceremony sacrificing Mr Met, both good and bad in centerfield at the next home game.

Jaap said...

IMFM - oh I dunno if "anyone" can do it. Carlos Delgado still apparently will require a season-long enema before he'll be able to do it.

Jaap said...

Indeed sanchez, and oliver perez is the personification of the 2008 Mets. Sometimes mediocre, sometimes absolute shite.