Meet the New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

So Morgan Freeman Jerry Manuel - you on the hot seat now too?

Is the honeymoon over after a night? Did it ever really begin other than a brief press conference?

Here's the thing. With Willie, the Mets beat the Angels. So far without Willie, they can't beat the Angels. Not even with their "ace" on the mound.

On the other hand perhaps given all the chaos of the last 24 hours added to the jet lag of 21,000 miles logged in recent times and well, the Mets have themselves a neat little excuse for a pathetic 6-1 loss to mark the Reign of Jerry.

So was it the distractions brought on by the Mets' moronic handling of the sacking of the manager or John Lackey and his pencil thin 1.92 ERA?

As far as I'm concerned this is a clean slate. The Mets are 0-0 this season albeit 6 1/2 games behind the Phillies in the East. You get the idea that ANYTHING would have been preferrable to Willie no matter how badly and illogically Omar went about making his final decision. And let's be clear on something, Omar. Saying something a thousand times aloud doesn't make it true. Your decision and your decision only. Good one. You selling the Brooklyn Bridge with that one, Omar?

Maybe not for Jose Reyes though, who threw a tantrum after Morgan Freeman Jerry Manuel pulled him out of the game after a lead-off single due to a dodgy hamstring. A good first test. Slap him down, talk about him to the press behind his back, slap him in the hammies? What's the best option in reaction to such a childish little display? End result, Reyes appropriately apologises to manager and team. And we can applaud his anger for wanting to play so bad as well. Everyone wins. Godd@mn this is a happy effin team, isn't it? The millstone is off their necks, the media scrutiny is finally gone, the hideous memories of last September, finally washed away with Willie's blood.

Now, we'll give them that 6-1 loss and forget about it. Call it a Willie hangover and move on.

So long as tonight is a victory, that is.


jdon said...

at least manuel's sentences make sense. i cannot say the same for willie an especially not omar. willie tried to cover the entire spectrum, pro and con, in every answer, just so he was covered. omar is just a "duh" machine. what a dope.

Jaap said...

well that's just it, jdon. you can understand him meaning the players understand him. Can you imagine sitting in a meeting chaired by Omar and like wanting to hang yourself within a half hour because everybody's just sitting there going what the FUCK is this guy talking about?? This must be his secret in getting like the O's and Nats to make such crappy trades. They don't know what the fuck he's saying because he doesn't either and the next thing you know, pow, there's the next day's headlines.