Heilman's Single-Handed Destruction Of The Feel Good Vibe

Ok, feel free to shower Aaron Heilman with abuse.

How do you spell Douchebag? Paging Mr Heilman. Paging Mr Can't Buy An Out To Save His Life Heilman...

Too much to ask for, a little consistency. Yeah, he struck out 4 in a row the other night in the Mets' biggest win of the season but last night it was Stink-O-Rama as Heilman entered the game in the 8th with one run lead and departed it with an insurmountable deficit. 4 lousy batters, none of them out. All of them, with Scott Schoeneweiss helping to further Heilman's ridiculous outing, scoring.

Now, if you want to play devil's advocate for Heilman you might say that absolute rubbish call to start the 8th, the one where Juan Pierre is called safe when he was clearly out for all the world to see bar the blind man who they had making the call, was not helpful. Sure, it's only one baserunner but sometimes it's only one baserunner required to get a rally started. You needn't look further than that 4th inning the night before when a dubious catcher's interference call sparked a 4-run Met rally that put the game almost out of reach.

But no, the blind man didn't give up four consecutive hits and rip the soul out of this feel-good movie the Mets have been living for the last 3 days. That was Heilman's doing.

And the Mets have lost a game they should have won, just like they have so frequently this season.

Question now is, do they bounce back or does this repulsive glitch send them scurrying back into their loser holes for the rest of the season? This moment, Saturday's game will be the truest indication yet of where the Mets intend on taking themselves this season. A serious run at the playoffs or just another torturous series of brutul inability, apathy and failure.

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