Mets Take Another Series

That's three straight series victories over the Rangers, Angels and Rockies respectively, not all Jerry Manuel's doing of course, but still - enough to work the Phillies lead down to 3 1/2 games.

But don't go planning any parties. The Mariners are coming to town, a dysfunctional mess of a team that make the Mets almost seem competent are just the sort of team and situation that has turned the Mets back on their collective ear more than once this season.

Remember a few weeks ago when the Mets were feeling high and mighty about going to San Diego to face the loser Padres? A shit storm of losses followed. So before anyone gets cocky, just remember: this is precisely the sort of team the Mets might let their guard down against. It's not as though they've been any good at Shea this season.

Yesterday Carlos Beltran hit a two-run homer which sort of made up for that idiotic bunt attempt with two men on and none out the day before. Oddly enough, Manuel seemed to have little to say on the subject publically "I kind of leave that up to him," Manuel said, letting us know the bonehead move had nothing to do with him. "There will be a time when we'll discuss that. And with the other Carlos swinging the bat OK, I don't mind that play." (Right, the other Carlos being the bastard who followed Beltran by grounding into a double play, swinging the bat ok, for a muppet, that is.)

As for Luis Castillo, who hustled like a nanogenarian and was removed from the game on Saturday now pronounces his hip flexor troublesome as some sort of excuse and will be noted as being day-to-day, the extent of his attention span and enthusiasm. I mean for f*cks's sake, if you're hurt, get on the bloody DL and give some one else a spot. Otherwise, get out there and play. And play like you mean it, like you're playing effin baseball, not working in a bloody coal mine.

The hell with it though, a 3-1 victory meant another day winning despite struggling against Rockie pitchers which is like struggling against Little League pitchers.

Mike Pelfrey got another win, the ugliest of wins possible but a win nonetheless. And the bullpen held it together well enough.

So keep the complaints down to a minimum. A win is a win and something the Phillies appear to be tiring of after getting swept by the Angels at home.


jdon said...

interesting concept. maybe we should send underperforming players to coal mines. some actual harsh reality. the minor leagues is a cakewalk compared to that. We should run that past the players association.

Jaap said...

no one should ever get a multi-year contract - they should get one year with a base salary, deducted for the DL per game or underperforming and increased for meeting performance targets both for the team and individually.
The coal mines though, aye, now that would get Castillo moving, wouldn't it!

jdon said...

spoken like a true union man.....

Anonymous said...

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