Don't Look Now Philly But I Think That's Mr Met Gaining In Your Rear View Mirror

So, they've crawled back to .500.

Sad to say but apparently, this is an accomplishment for the Mets.

Carlos Delgado had a two-run homer, Trot Nixon, resurrected from Triple AAA (and let's face it for Omar, a decent find...if you throw enough shit against the wall eventually some of it will stick...) had one of his own an inning later to complement a nice sliding catch. Beltran had three hits and is now out-hitting David Wright after his abysmal beginning.

Sweet Mother of God, Make Them Stop Hitting! the Rockies cried to themselves in their little hand towels in the dugout.

Overall, they just pounded Aaron Cook in the 2nd inning. Cook had 10 wins going into last night's game. And they just smacked him around the park like a little bitch. You almost thought it would never stop coming. Beltran was up twice and only Nixon and starting pitcher John Maine failed to get on base that inning.

Speaking of Maine, he failed to pitch 7 full innings despite throwing 110 pitches. But you had Smith, Feliciano and Heilman having scoreless outings in his stead so it wasn't such a big issue. It was enough to get him to 7 victories on the season.

Bad Ass GaNGSTA merchants ponder the who they're gonna bang tonight...Can't you just see Sandy Alomar getting his fat belly stuck underneath the table when he tries to jump up from his bathtub-sized bowl of sopĆ³n de garbanzos con patas de cerdo to bitch slap the Wilpon kid for talking out of turn.

The Phillies meanwhile were getting punked by the very same Angels the Mets easily handled in all games played where the sacking of their manager wasn't the primary distraction. That means their lead is down to 4 1/2 games and whilst no, this isn't September and a 7 game lead it suddenly occurs to the rest of us to think wow, how ironic if the Mets overtake the Phillies and reverse the rotten memories of last season?

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