Another Day, Another Collapse

Just call them losers.

That's what they are, go on. Losers.

Not just the last five games in a row, but as a team, for the season. Too many injuries, too much head hanging and very little reason left to hope for anything but inevitable disaster.

Eating your shirt collar is just no substitute for success. Some one throw this cat a spare rib.

Their first four losses were to the Padres, bottom dwellers of an already lowly NL West. Their most recent mess against the D'backs who although they lead the NL West, it is only by default, having lost 10 of their previous 14.

Welcome to the cure-all for team problems. Meet the Mets, Beat the Mets.

Although there was a rain delay that postponed the inevitable, inevitably of course, the 5-1 the Mets jumped to early on eventually faded and the Diamondbacks swallowed an ineffectual Mets bullpen en route to a 9-5 lead.

John Maine who struggled despite the lead with an early high pitch count, was still able to leave the game with the lead but the victory was inevitably swallowed by glaring errors by Claudio Vargas and Duaner Sanchez. The ugliness and futility is apparently inexhaustable.

This is about as useful as anyone in the bullpen got all night.

Whilst there are no quick fixes, i.e sacking Willie will not make the old men on this team any healthier, the starting rotation any more promising, the bullpen stronger or the batting order more formidable, and sacking Omar might be premature even if he's built a team of costly fragility, the foreseeable future does not look very bright and the best the team could hope for perhaps is a complete collapse which leads to the off-loading of Castillo, Alou, Pedro, Delgado and most of the bullpen, if anyone will have them. Just so they can hope to start again next season.

Not that it really matters. No one will give the Mets very much for costly, injured and/or incompetent veterans and there is not much in the farm system to harken forth for energy and style.

The bottom line is this team is built to win now or bust and it's become more and more clear that this team has nowhere to go but further and further down.

And again, if you're tired of watching the same losing story unfold night after night, have a look at the Euro 2008 via Sports Amnesia.


jdon said...

but if you let omar pick another manager you cannot fire him when it is time for him to go. you are stuck with paying omar, willie AND the new manager, who will have to be fired when the new gm comes in. and we all know how much the wilpons like to sspend money on eecutives who no longer work for them. i tink they bot have to go. bring oberkfell up. finish the season. fire omar then. there will be no execs available mid season. if oberkfell does a great job, then you have a problem. Also, if you do not fire omar, how about firing his rick down, bernazard, who goes into the clubhouse and undermines willie's authority constantly, who fraternizes ON THE FIELD with acta for hours when they play the nats. i guess the bottom line is: hey wilpons, do SOMETHING!!!!

jdon said...

i apologize for the type. i am having problems with a few of the keys on my laptop

Jaap said...

no worries, jdon - I agree wholeheartedly - need some action and quick. I think we could still use Omar should he be spoken to about his unrequited love for overpaying old, injury prone players. He's had sound judgement on other deals and it isn't all bad. But the roster needs re-doing and if he can't follow up with his promise at the start of his Met GM career, to make the Mets young and competetive, well - out with him and move on. I'd be happy to see Willie gone and Oberkfell in - and if he does a great job, great. Worry about next season next season, no?

Anonymous said...

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