Willie Survives For Another Trip Out West

The bright side: the Mets avoided losing both ends of a doubleheader yesterday - I believe, without consulting the gurus who hold this information, that this is the first doubleheader they haven't lost both ends of so far this season...

Is Willie attempting to choke himself before someone else does?

In any event, it's a series won, isn't it. If they were to win two of three the rest of the season they'd be...Living in Fantasy Land...ha.

Game One, a dull monotonous affair punctuated by another stirling imitation by the bullpen of what it would be like if Willie summoned random spectators from the stands to close out his games for him rather than the muppets currently called in from the bullpen to do so.

Feliciano, Smith and Schoeneweiss, all equally adept at allowing that earned run when it's wanted least. That doesn't even count those left over from John Maine they ole'd home after he'd left. Then again, it's not like Maine was setting them on fire either but still, he was competent enough that for a good team, you could hand them over to the pen, get the outs, minimal damage and let your team score a few runs in the latter innnigs to get the win.

Yeah, the Mets made a little rally and wow, did we almost believe they were going to stage a comeback, or did we sit on our hands and shrug figuring fuck it, if they were facing the Mets' bullpen with that kind of run deficit sure, but the Rangers? Nah, just get close enough to remind us all of the Mets motto: Fall Just Short Enough. (in truth, I dunno that that's their current motto officially or not but if they aren't going with Meet the Mets, Beat the Mets, I think they're a little crazy.

This was Carlos Beltran's doubleheader most of the day.

Between running up walls, diving along the ground, blasting hits, etc. you'd think there was a guy on this club really putting in the effort.

I mean, to lose a game both Beltran AND that big stiff Carlos Delgado hitting homeruns well, that's just rubbish. You need to win games where Delgado gets a homer, it's like a national holiday or something.

Anyway, the little tease of a rally wasn't enough and you sit there pondering how these are just the effin Rangers for crissakes, are we asking all that much for a victory?!

Game Two: Well, a victory anyway. Not pretty, just workman like, sort of. Enough to squeak by which frankly all of us will be happy with if they did it every night. But nope. We'll just take this gnawed up chicken bone of a result back home with us and be happy the Mets weren't swept, I suppose.

Robinson Cancel - the Omar Special, pulling sad sacks from the dustbin. Hell, there must be at least several thousand former baseball players out there who deserve a stint with the Mets by now, isn't there?

1999? Is that for real? And he only hit .182 for the Brewers last year - no wonder he hasn't played in the Majors since. But a right handed bat off the bench, by the faintest of margins. What are the odds he gets another hit the rest of his career?

Speaking of which, not a bad debut by Trot Nixon in Game 1 either. Omar's making some king of ghetto stew of rejects and miscasts and faded stars and nobodies to replace the million dollar star-studded DL he's assembled.

But ok, Pedro gets a "W", Hillbilly Billy gets a save and everybody goes home happy because that's how they drew it up to begin with.

Wright, Beltran and Castillo had 7 hits between them. That's what we're talking about. Delgado had another hit. Now he's almost hitting .250 this season. That's quite a climb from .200. Think he's satisfied with that? He's hitting above the Mendoza line?

And the bullpen - night and day - 3 solid innings, no massive meltdowns. That's how they roll. When they're not blowing games, that is.

Well, nothing too encouraging from this doubleheader to come away with save for the fact that the Mets didn't lose another.

Now the Mets go out West again, already whingeing again about fatigue, blablablah. If they take one out of three there they'll be lucky. That's the benchmark, Willie to keep your job. Don't get swept.


sanchez said...

Why is Alomar still in a Mets uniform after sending Schneider home to get thrown out?
Why is willie surviving another west coast trip?
Enough of this - let's get started on rebuilding this team!

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