Meet The New Mets, Same As The Old Mets

Well, did everyone who has watched the collective heads of the Mets bob up and down like an apple in a barrel of water this season have this predicted?

Disbelief or slow-burning acceptance of inability?

The crappiest, most dysfunctional team in MLB comes to town in the form of the Seattle Mariners and the Mets, as has been their MO all season, lose.

Lose with Santana, their alleged ace on the mound, the very same multi-year multi-million ace wannabe who gave up a grand slam homerun to the Seattle Mariners' pitcher, Felix Hernandez. The first grandslam EVER hit by a Mariner pitcher in their entire sordid and pathetic history. And the first grandslam hit by a pitcher since Dontrelle Willis did it against, wait for it boys, the effin Mets of course.

That means the Mets are winless in the "ace's" last four starts. Some ace.

I don't care if he was all smooth sailing other than that humiliating grand slam. I don't care if the Mets continued this hitting torpor that threatens the very foundation of the season. I don't care if four of the five runs he gave up in 7 innings were unearned. I really don't care. This is the ACE, the guy who stops losing streaks and maintains winning streaks. Not some muppet who gives up a grand slam to a pitcher with like 10 career previous at-bats. You think anybody wants to give up two or three decent prospects for this guy now?

No magic in this guy either. Omar's tenure looking weaker and slimmer by the day.

It doesn't matter. Jerry has already found his scapegoats in the form of David Wright and fatigue.

It was Wright who bobbled an easy third out in the 2nd inning that led to Hernandez hitting his grand slam instead of the inning being over. Wright who went hitless at the plate and Wright who is hitting .241 for June.

Now Jerry says he needs a day off. Let's hope Jerry is right and a day off is all Wright needs to fix himself.

Wrong bullseye...

Meanwhile Delgado continues to play first base and hit in the heart of the Mets lineup. Ok sure, he got Santana out of the 6th with a great diving stop but he still went hitless in 4 at-bats and is hitting .247 for June. Why doesn't he merit a day off? Isn't he tired too? I mean he's a decade or so older than Wright, why isn't HE tired? Why not rest him for a week or so and see if it has any results?

At the end of the day, the lack of hitting is bleeding the Mets to death. How you play up in Coors Field and put on the pathetic sort of hitting display the Mets did and still survive to win two of three is beyond me.

But a lack of hitting has plagued the Mets all season long - Delgado is rubbish, Wright is struggling and the outfield corners where the Mets could be prospering but for injuries if Church and Alou weren't injured, is a black hole of hitting. Endy Chavez is having a miserable season at the plate and let's face it, whilst Trot Nixon is a nice guy, don't you THINK there's a reason he was playing in Triple AAA this season?

Is Omar just going to let the Mets pitching staff have to do it all the rest of the season? I mean a GM needs to identify needs and go out and get some assistance. Engineer a trade for crissakes. Bring in a potent left fielder bat. Is it that bloody hard? Someone who can come in, smack a few homers, hit over .250 and kick some life into this weak and wimpering batting order. Or better still, bring up Josh Peterson and Mike Carp from Double AA Binghampton and see if their bats can't get hot for a week or two. Certainly they can't perform any more poorly than what's out there now, can they?

Well I shall hold out this one little pebble of hope: they can still win the next two games and take the series. If I were Jerry Manuel I would make it imperative that the Mets take every series they play. Winning 2 out of every 3 the rest of the season will virtually guarantee at least a wild card.

Flubbering around like a bunch of headless, hitless muppets, I think it's safe to say, isn't.


Itsmetsforme said...

"Engineer a trade for crissakes. Bring in a potent left fielder bat. Is it that bloody hard? Someone who can come in, smack a few homers, hit over .250 and kick some life into this weak and wimpering batting order."

Exactly. When I raise this issue I am greeted with a chorus of "who is out there to get?"--not our job! Omar's job as General Manager, made easier by the fact that it can't get any worse. Trot Nixon my ass.

jdon said...

I especially love watching the productive Endy Chavez hit, especially when Gary Cohen has one of his orgasms over an Endy bunt single. The manlove tells you just how much (little?) Gary the Geek knows about baseball. Endy SUCKS. I do not care how many catches he makes, he is a joke with a bat. And at least four times in the last four games, he has swung at ball four. Oh and Tatis SUCKS. That cheeseball turd string catcher Cancel SUCKS. We have no one better than that to bring up as a bench bat?

jdon said...

Watching the game tonight, I realize tht Manuel wants this team to take more pitches, but tonight was not the night. Knuckleballer guys. First pitch fast balls. Bulletin: you cannot hit knuckleballs. Sit on the first pitch. What a bunch of assholes! The only thing I am gleaning from this game is that Brian Runge is as bad an ump and Oliver is a pitcher. It is time to market Ollie. He won't be back and I do not want him back. He is a lazy piece of shit. His performance tonight is disgraceful and will make him harder to trade.

Jaap said...

You know IMFM, every bit of power lost is power gotten elsewhere.
you can replace all those motherfuckers and those replacements by nature will do the same fucking thing.

until the heads of the Wilpons are hanging from a lamp post, no Mets fan will have peace.

Jaap said...

jodon, i'm not convinced it matters who is running the team any more. this is a freak of nature, a train off the rails.

the insanity can be found in those digging to try and believe the random is not the life.

Mets win, Mets lose.

Some weeks Thrice in a row.

So fuck em - if they don't do the job, somebody else will and it'll bve another team and another city and they can stand there and play there and they will be boo'd because they aren't doing what they should.

winning and making people happy.

they are insead failing.

so there you go. Yogisms boiled down to dust.

jdon said...

You know, jaap, before this season I remarked to anyone who would listen that I did not look forward to watching the Mets this year. I got sick of them last year. They never swept a series. If they won the first two they felt entitled to piss the last one away and give no effort. They trotted to first, were lazy in the field, and had a hell of a time with RISP. They would get a lead and then throw away at-bats for the rest of the game. Both Wright and Reyes, in their formative years, have become loafers What can you expect with the role models they have? The Carlos theory of baseball: Tomorrow is another day (apologies to Scarlett O'Hara). No one is teaching these guys that losing should make you physically sick. That you have an obligation to hustle on every play (Derek Jeter, even at his age). That anything less is UNACCEPTABLE. And most important, you are not required to respect your manager. You make more money than he does, and you will be here after he is fired. So maybe these guys are ruined for good. David tries to jack homers to left all year long, forgetting the successes that have endeared him to his organization. I am with you. Clean house.

Anonymous said...

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