Shocking: Mets Split Doubleheader Against Crappy Reds

So, you've got a doubleheader against one of the worst teams in the National League, at home and your ace is starting the first game.

Sounds like a good recipe for a sweep, doesn't it?


Oliver Perez failed his opportunity to publically criticise "dat focking heelbeelly who kun peech gangs ghe no cang ehsafe..."

Oh sure, they won the first game with Johan Santana "earning" his first win at Shea in a Mets kit but not impressively. Santana mucked about for 6 innings as though he was battling a case of the piles, giving up 10 hits and 3 runs, another homer, his 8th of the season which means one every game pitched basically.

Fortunately, and even despite an underwhelming showing by both Aaron Heilman, (which we've come to expect and would perhaps be disappointed by if he were to get through a flawless outing once in a while,) and Pedro Feliciano, the Mets were able to pile on enough runs to outscore the Reds.

All the non-hitters had hit parades in Game One - well, most of them anyway. Beltran drove in 5 runs and no, surprisingly, that does not top his season total to date, Mr No Show himself, Carlos Delgado managed to crack a meaningless homer and get 3 hits (and no, although one might have expected it, this too does not top his season total to date)

Goddamn you apes!

But all the good will sewn into the soil was immediately dug up and strewn about in a haphazard manner despite Mike Pelfrey actually having a better showing than Santana (two less hits and one less run surrendered in the same number of innings).

Just goes to show you what help 12 runs can be.

And this wasn't one because Boy Wonder was thrown out at the plate...

But the Mets batters reverting back to their usually predictable hitlessness, managing just four in the nightcap against Bronson Arroyo and Co which frankly, given Arroyo sumo wrestler sized ERA and solid reputation as a rubbish pitcher generally, was frankly, for the Mets, humiliating.

How do you make Arroyo look like he belongs in the big leagues? How embarrassing is that?

And Mr Outspoken surrendered some more unearned runs thus, whilst giving up two hits and a walk and 3 unearned runs, managed to preserve his seemingly flawless 0.00 ERA this season, did nothing to enhance his reputation as a cheap thrills whiner, overseeing a blowout grow to monstrous proportions.

Nor can we be all that thrilled with Duaner Sanchez's progress since returning to the Mets. I dunno, maybe it's worrying that the two guys who are meant to be set-up men for the closer are just shit at their jobs, or maybe I'm just being paranoid but I wouldn't mind seeing the Mets in the market for a set-up guy - hell, maybe we'd even like to see Francisco Cordero setting up or closing instead.

It's enough to make you wonder if Mr Bold Spring Training Predictions is finally waking up out of his hitting stupor with a little pesky fielding...

But what the hell, it's American Mother's Day today, they at least earned a split and they can take the series with a win on Sunday.

Could be alot worse.

Could be alot better.

So instead, just falling somewhere in the middle.

Keeping the Blahs alive.

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sanchez said...

At the rate they're going, we should be thanking christ they didn't lose both ends of the doubleheader. It's not like Santana wasn't beatable, just that the Reds' pitching was so bad.