Kuo Helps Kill Mets Again, 5-4

Oh, where to begin?

A second loss on the road in a row to the Dodgers?

Anyone forget this humiliating homerun trot last season? Why wasn't he beaned in his first plate appearance??!

Letting a virtual non-entity like Kong-Chih Kuo beat them again, striking out 8 of the 13 Mets he faced to essentially shut down any late-inning rally potential. This, the same Kuo who hit that massive homer off Maine last season, the third homer in a row that night and then flipped his bat in arrogance. This, the same Kuo who has earned three of his first four Major League victory against these very same Mets. Kuo, Met Killah.

Yes, we all wanted to see him pounded into dust for last season when he entered the game in the 4th last night with two on and one out and the Mets threatening to blow the game wide open. Instead, he struck out Carlos Delgado (no suprise there) and Angel Pagan to end the inning. Instead, he didn't allow a single hit in his 3 2/3 inning outing and kept the Dodgers in the game as they crept back from an early 4-3 deficit.

You'd look like that too if you just struck out with the bases loaded. C'mon, Jose, that's Delgado's job!

In fact the Mets overall were incapable of taking advantage of opportunities. Throughout the game they got men on base but couldn't get them home. A 2 for 14 showing with runners in scoring position will do that to you. In fact, it will do that to you most every night you hang another "L" out to dry.

The game was full of oddities - take the in-the-park homerun by Brian DeWitt with two out and a man on in the 5th - Ryan Church was tracking it, leaped but missed the ball and that sat there on the warning track in a daze whilst DeWitt loped around the bases to give the Dodgers the lead they wouldn't surrender. Or Moises Alou's steal of home.

A weird game, a disfigured game and again, a game with Nelson Figueroa on the mound, maybe no one really expected to win anyway. Figueroa was competent but earned his second loss of the season putting up the sort of numbers you'd expect from a 5th starter - not quite Oliver Perez numbers but no Kuo out there either.

Disbelief from Dodger catcher after Alou's brainy steal of home

You could try to feel disappointed or disgusted at this second straight defeat. Instead, you will probably feel prayerful with John Maine taking the ball for the Mets next to try and put an end to a series sweep. Just remember last season's away series against these same Dodgers in this same LA last season, remember the utter disgust after that series and you'll realise this season isn't quite as bad - the Mets are hanging on despite almost no productivity from their heavy hitters and despite Pedro and El Duque still on the DL.

Maybe things aren't so bad after all.

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