Homestand Against NL Dregs Ends Up With Mets Hanging Heads In Shame

What a crap home stand.

Say whatever you like about this game, the bottom line is the Mets lost three of four AT HOME to the Nats. That's like erectile dysfunction, not wanking off and certainly not getting laid.

If you were going to try and conjure sexual metaphors for the frustration of last night's 1-0 loss, that is.

Delgado perfects the Mr Anti-Clutch game losing face

Try and turn this into a positive spin and the most you're going to get is an observation about Mike Pelfrey's sudden impact since he's stopped wearing that annoying mouthpiece. Last night it was a no-no into the 7th which ended in a hard-luck loss. Last time it was another narrow loss despite pitching well, that time against the Reds, another minor league quality side.

If you're into comedy, you could point to Billy Wagner's second and third teammate back stabbings of the season, as equally justified as the first against Oliver Perez, this time when he gestured post-game to the lockers of Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado and told reporters they should be talking to the pair about the loss (especially considering Delgado's game-ending line out concluded with Beltran getting doubled off third,) rather than him but then sarcastically and bluntly noted "Oh, they're not there. Big shock."

Yeah, big shock.

How on earth at home do these Mets flail like spastics on ice against the likes of a Muppet like Jason Bergmann (1-1), who hadn't started in the majors since April 9 and came in with an 11.68 ERA.

Too many outs at third base - too aggressive? Is there such a thing?

Is it because Manny Acta's team, already out-managing the other side, out-played them as well? Played smarter baseball?

Or is it just because the heart of the Mets order continued a season-long slump which has seen opportunity after opportunity after opportunity snapped like a twig and tossed into the fire?

Of course is it.

And the knock-on effect of Reyes, Delgado and Beltran in particular failing to hit the way they're counted upon to hit is that they (well, Reyes and Beltran anyway) overcompensate by trying to be too aggressive on the basepaths which in turns ended up with both of them getting thrown out at third, once to kill a rally in the 8th and the second time to end the game.

What it means is that this is a team that is on the verge of experiencing a change in management.

Sure, it's early in the season still, reasonably so anyway, but the writing is on the wall. The team can't hit, doesn't execute, and can't shake the doldrums. Losing a home stand against the likes of the Reds and the Nats is not only embarrassing, it's inexcusable.

Today, the first salvo in the war of pointing out the obvious, Willie is officially in the hot seat.

The related fan poll shows the overwhelming majority want Willie gone as soon as possible.

He's lost the team, the clubhouse and before he loses the season, it's time to say goodbye.

It's Time: Willie Randolph Has To Go

Wouldn't it be cool to start the Subway Series with a shockingly suddenly replacement manager?

Ah well, don't expect any gutsy moves like that so soon. If this were the English Premiership, the club would have been floating all sorts of sexy manager replacement scenarios to the media for weeks and Willie would by now, be gone. Perhaps the problem is in finding the appropriate replacement, especially as it would come less than mid-season.

The Mets Report (a href="http://metsreport.com/replacements-for-willie-randolph/#more-556">already has his replacements lined up

I still think Showalter is a good short-term replacement although Lee Mazzilli is intriguing.

And of course, in typical Mets fashion, they'll probably take two of three from the Yankees in the Bronx and save Willie's job for another few weeks of discombobulated meandering through the bowels of the National League.

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