Don't Let The Giddiness Get To Your Head, Mets Win 3rd In A Row

Well now. Not only are the Mets winning but the nearly-unthinkable; Carlos Delgado looking like he wants to play baseball again, has occurred, for one game at least.

Yes, the mantra about not losing one's head over a few victories when this team has raised hopes only to dash them almost immediately so many times already, is still applicable.

Torre still looking more like a Mets manager than Willie...

Ok, so what if they haven't had a three-game winning streak since April. So what if they've only just now returned to a meagre .500 mark. So what if their opponents, the Dodgers, have now lost 4 in a row and 6 of their last 7 without the Mets' and are having a low down of their own to swallow. And yes, so what if the Mets' personal punching bag, Brad Penny, was on the mound for the Dodgers.

They still had to win this game because as everyone knows, including Delgado for a game anyway, games do not win themselves. Someone has to go out and win them.

Not as fast as you think...

For the second game in a row, Endy Chavez had a hand in the champagne of success by throwing out Dodger speedster Juan Pierre at the plate.

And David Wright had a little bang of his own in the 3rd AND the 4th which cushioned a Mets lead they wouldn't relinquish.

But the real story of course was Claudio Vargas. It was Vargas who appeared to be out to end the 4th with the Mets clinging to a 2-0 lead and in fact, didn't even really bother to run it out but the ump called catcher's interference against Dodger catcher Martin and then all hell broke loose - the momentum swing was palatable, this kind of mental breakdown pitcher's often suffer when they think they're out of an inning only to see it extended. By the time the inning was over the Mets lead had grown to 6-0.

And perhaps just as exciting, when the Dodgers started chipping away at that lead, had it down to 6-4 even, the Mets bullpen slammed the door shut to give them a third consecutive victory.

But shhhhhhh. Let's not jinx it with all this crazy talk about turning the corner. Let's just sit here for awhile and pray the magic spell continues.

As for Delgado, well, back from his two-game benching he had a pair of hits and made a diving, shirt-dirtying grab which stunned us all so that even Willie Randolph was sounding cocky. “His uniform’s been clean for a while,” Randolph said.

Well, maybe the attitude adjustment isn't quite complete. When Delgado was told about Randolph's remarks, he wasn't exactly grateful. “I’m not going to dive just to dive.” Carlos the Jackal clarified.

Of course Delgado doesn't need to dive. He just needs to not pretend he's only waving at balls that skip passed him. And for one game anyway, AND LET'S ALL REMEMBER ONE GAME IS NOT A SEASON, Delgado looked like he cared, looked like his pride was wounded and he had something to prove. Let him be pissed off and stay pissed off. If anger helps him hit, helps him hustle then let him get as pissed off as we can make him.

And on top of all this good news and pluckiness comes The Return of Don Pedro. Woop. Hopefully this isn't the high point of an otherwise miserable season.

Try to hold yourself together this time, Don Pedro.

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