Mets Mothers Avenged, Mets Hammer Reds 8-3

Carlos Beltran's heating up,
heating up, heating up.
Carlos Beltran's heating up,
Go Pink Metsies...

(sung to the tune of London Bridge Is Falling Down

Next Mother's Day why don't they have the team wear Pink Uniforms and little bows in their hair? Sweet jesus, where is the sexist outrage in having a single colour represent one half of the human sexes? Why not make everyone where inflatable breasts instead? At least THAT would be a little more relevant.

Two run homer, RBI double, 8 RBIs in his last three games. All would conspire to have us believe that after taking the month of April off, Carlos Beltran might finally be reviving his thus far humiliating campaign which commenced this season with an uncharacteristic outburst about the Mets being the team to beat this Spring.

Considering that the offence to date has consisted primarily of Ryan Church with the occasional David Wright and Angel Pagan thrown in, this is indeed, an encouraging sign.

If we were feeling bold following this rare home series victory, even if it was against one of the dregs fo the National League, we might even note that Oliver Perez pitched with impeccable efficiency. Well the Perez version of impeccable that is, including four walks,a hit batter AND a wild pitch but more importantly, no one key meltdown moment, sailing to his third victory of the season.

Cueto doing a remarkable Oliver Perez imitiation.

And you might even point out that with rookie Johnny Cueto on the mound for the Reds, the Mets jumped to a 6-0 lead before Perez could begin trying to undo the good. He was ultimately saved by the bullpen who stuck in three scoreless quality innings of relief when things turned momentarily ugly in the 6th.

Oh yeah - Jose Reyes, more than two hits, Mets win. Simple maths. they are now 9-0 when Reyes has more than a pair of hits in one game.

You know, in the Dominican Winter League, players wear pink every day because they like their colours LOUD....like their music.

Even Willie Randolph, beleaguered and chased like a rabbit by a dug, had his moment of managerial acumen in the 9th when he rightly pointed out that the Reds were batting out of order proving that no, he isn't always asleep standing up in that dugout.

Whilst little to nothing should be read into Perez's outing, Beltran's sudden revival is encouraging, coming as it is during David Wright's slumber, as is the series coming up against the Nats, which should net the Mets several more victories in this little lull in the scheduling.

And not surprisingly, not all the news could be good. Luis Castillo strained a quad and will be out at least one, maybe several games. However, this is countered by the fact that Moises has finished yet another game without serious bodily harm and might be on to a record streak of appearances were it not for that nasty doubleheader on Saturday.

So overall, not a bad weekend.


sanchez said...

Perez still sucked yesterday even if he got the "W". I think they should hook him up to some kind of electrodes out there and when they can see that he's starting to lose his focus, Peterson can flick a switch from the dugout and give Perez a few gentle jolts of electric shocks to bring him back into focus. That's what a GOOD pitching coach would do, anyway.

Jaap said...

It is a bit discouraging when we're pissing ourselves with pleasure simply because Olly made it through a game without the usual implosions. Then again, I think we get Pedro back and sign Freddy Garcia and boom, there we are, back to a stellar starting staff...