Aroma Du Jour: We Stink

Why bother with incremental hysteria at this sudden turn of fate?

Just a few days ago there we all were, basking in the warmth of humiliating the bottom-dwelling Yankees and here we are now, three losses in a row to the Braves, each one a deeper dig into the fabric of optimism.

Does it matter who the losing pitcher was last night or who failed to get the key hit or why Willie and His Boys, stunted by the racist media (oh, go ahead and apologise, what difference does it really make, the proof is in the losing anyway.)

This isn't about expectation getting doused by mediocrity, this is about mediocrity coming to blossom.

But take heart, fans. This is rock bottom.

Nowhere to go from here but up!


Anonymous said...

hang in there, the "best pitcher in baseball" is taking the mound for the Mess to prevent a humiliating four game sweep.
and Alou will hit four homers because he won't be on the DL until august!

Itsmetsforme said...

don't forget the lateral move. a fish sweep would make things a bit worse.

Jaap said...

Fish sweep indeed, IMFM