No Secret: Heilman Sucks

Yes, it was a game that the Mets were lucky to stay close in considering the guy they sent out to the mound for them, Claudio Vargas, rushed up from Triple AAA, released by the Brewers in the last week of Spring Training, hadn't pitched a game for the Mets in his life.

But Vargas surprised us all perhaps with his sort of stunning 3 hit,Standing Ovation sort of performance in the 7th.

He certainly deserved a victory but within minutes of Aaron Heilman taking the mound in his stead, the Mets were behind 3-1 faster than you can say get this douchebag out of here.

Should NY on Heilman's cap be replaced with the auld "L"?

He's already been knocked down from set-up guy to set-up to set-up guy and one wonders where Heilman goes from here. Bullpen catcher? Trade bait for a few middling prospects to a team like the Brewers?

The Long March To Obscurity

At least credit him for being a man and not resorting to whingeing about the fans expressing themselves with a deep, growling chorus of boos and abuse. "What can I say? I've been kind of up and down all year," Heilman said of the booing. "I don't begrudge them for expressing their opinion."

He could have picked up one some strange facet of antics emerging from the Nats dugout and made a show of a tirade about unprofessionalism but hey, that's already been done and look where it got Figueroa anyway. "It sucks," Heilman described of the feeling of another wretched performance and being showered with the full brunt of Shea's anger and frustration both with the team and in particular, with him. Yes, it does suck indeed but who does it suck more for, Heilman for the professional ineptitude and the target of hatred or Mets fans, who have endured Heilman's lacklustre nowhereism for what might amount to half a Met career?

Does it suck to be Willie as well? Willie, like Nero, fiddling once again whilst the bullpen burnt the game down, failing to give the hook quick enough to spare the Mets another disaster. Willie says he left Heilman in because the bullpen was cashed already and perhaps wary of the results of overworking his pen, probably because so few of the arms can be thoroughly trusted, he let Heilman and the fans suffer another humiliating loss to a team pacing itself for the doldrums of the league.

Schoeneweiss meanwhile, think he wasn't happy to be in hospital rather than getting booed?

And if you think it's just the fans who are pissed off, witness Moises Alou's uncharacteristic outburst at the plate ump earning him an early dismissal from the game.

And triple goddamnitalltohell!

Look, Mets fans feel bad about Heilman shitting the bed in this game but think of poor boy Vargas, a tale ready to be woven, plenty of steam left in the arm before Willie prematurely ejaculated Heilman from the pen and yanked Vargas for a certain loss.

One more chance to redeem themselves this afternoon.

Let's hope the Mets show some bloody spunk.


sanchez said...

Oh sure, it's easy to kick Heilman when he's down. He's like Shea's personal pinata.

Has it stopped being fun to ridicule Carlos Delgado? His unproductivity ruins more feel-good moments than any other Met this season.

Jaap said...

No, it never stops being fun to ridicule Delgado for his pathetic last season and a half. I keep thinking Roberto Alomar.

Anonymous said...

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