Mets Win Rubber Match

What was supposed to be a pitcher's duel between two pitchers acquired in big trades during the offseason to two of the NL's finest teams (allegedly so but at the rate Tony LaRussa is gaining Manager of the Year votes, you might think the Cards were the team to beat this season), ended up coming down to the joyous schadenfreude of the Mets needing a 9th inning throwing error to win the game.

Is Mr Wright attempting to break Reyes in two with a submission hold bear

Johan Santana did his part, for the most part, and left the game with the lead and a potential win even though he'd laboured heavilty at times needing 116 pitches to get through 6 innings. Still for all his work, this was his second start in a row with no decision leaving the game with the lead.

Think he's enamoured with the bullpen crimping his Cy Young pose?

The final irony of this game of course was Jorge Sosa earning the victory on less than two dozen pitches and the fact that he's now the staff leader in wins this season. Not Johan, Not Pedro, Not Maine. Jorge Sosa. The man with the ERA weighing in at well over 6.00. What does THAT tell you about the Mets' plight thus far?

Whilst Santana and Dan Haren were on display, a heavily panned offseason acquisition, Ryan Church, continued to impress, this time with his arm, gunning down Chris Burke at third base as he foolishly attempted to stretch a bunt into a triple after Jose Feliciano's bonehead throw sailed into right field instead of first base.

Let's just be thankful, bearing in mind recent squabbling, injuries and
underachievement, for this glorious albeit short-term feel-good moment as the Mets took two of three on the road against the NL's best.

This season certainly has the feel of going up and down and bleeding
inconsistency all season so we should at least relish those rare moments of

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