Whattaya Gonna Do?

I dunno.

Personally, I wasn't expecting a big win in this game.

One of the few bright moments...Delgado busts one out for three runs

Not with Mr Mouthpiece taking the mound against Brandon Webb, the NL's best pitcher, maybe baseball's best pitcher at the moment.

So, should we just shrug our shoulders, point out we could still take 2 out of 3 in the dessert against the NL's best team to date?

Do we really need to bemoan the bullpen tossing this one away?

Almost as many Mets on the mound as D-back runs scored in an ugly 8th

Well for one, no one really expected the Mets to score 4 runs off of Webb so in a way, it would have been a good opportunity to hand Webb his first loss of the season.

And that 8th inning turned the game on its head; from a close game the Mets had a chance to steal to a blow out to give us that here we go again sort of feeling.

Nah, let's just say this was one that was going to go their way.

Ryan Church
was hitting again in the 2nd slot even though Alou was out of the lineup again after just one game but the magic wasn't there, despite his pair of hits which raised his batting average to .330 - Jose Reyes, unlike the night before, hitless with two strikeouts.

The Chase Field crowd did not ask Delgado for a curtain call after his three run shot narrowed the Diamondbacks' lead to a lone run but they could certainly squirm in delight watching replacement second baseman Augie Ojeda knock in six runs all by himself, tripling his season's production.

Despite the loss, there is optimism. Johan Santana, hired specifically for this purpose, will take the mound to try and lead the Mets to an uplifting series victory over the NL's best, on the road no less.

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