Mets Sneak One From Cardinals But Don't Expect Miracles

Losing Carlos Beltran and gaining Elmer Dessens and Pat Misch is no way to go into a four game series against the well-managed St Louis Cardinals but that's what these miserable, snake-bitten Mets had to face last night.

Alright for one, Omar waking up and bringing some fresh arms into the pen was a relief in and of itself although I can't say as I necessarily agree with the choice of who. Dessens has stumbled in his last few outings in Buffalo (try five earned runs in a total of 2 1/3 closer innings and you might come away unimpressed) and while he has big league experience, experience itself is not sufficient qualities. As for Misch, yeah, a guy with a 6.14 ERA in the minor leagues is not usually high on your list for promotion.

But not if you're Omar, right?

Now bringing Fmart back up straight away after he's obviously not ready, another smart move? Ok yes, Beltran sitting out until what is likely to be after the All Star game if not longer (let Reyes be your guide)is a massive hole but what, Fmart learned how to hit Major League pitching already? Alright, there's no one left in the goodies bag to choose from, that's clear, but that doesn't make the futility of these moves seem any less futile.

But I'm not going to belabour the point. I have a more specific plan, or non-plan, depending on how you look at it, at Flushing University which should be up for reading sometime today.

As for last night, wow, talk about smoke and mirrors. What else can explain a 6-4 victory over the red-hot Cardinals, a team that humiliated them back in April?

Redding, four reasonably good starts in a row means you stick with him, just like you stick with Nieve. Like any reasonable person, Jerry likes sticking with the hot hand and his abuse of the bullpen bears that philosophy out. So for the moment, I'm not worrying about Maine or Ollie bringing bullpen support. The weak link is now Pelf. Is it normal for a young big league pitcher to be "fatigued" after 88 pitches?

Very good to see this kid slowly regaining his stroke while simultaneously establishing himself as a decent fielding first baseman.

But anyway, I'm getting away from the game - Magical Murph shocking with a homer, Omir augmenting the suddenly hot Schneider with four hits turning this into a catcher's duel for the ages, and Alex Cora, my god, playing better, smarter baseball with one good thumb than Reyes ever did with two. (Not that Reyes thinks with his thumbs, clearly he uses his arse for that...) And how about Luis Castillo? Three hits and that brilliant stop in the 7th to help Redding make an early, uncomplicated exit. Keep trying Luis, you're going to have to do that and more for every night for the rest of the season before anyone even begins to forget that dropped pop up.

Lastly, Brian Stokes saving the game by inducing that miraculous double play off the bat of Albert Pujols in the 8th has to be one of the more unexpected moments of the season.

"I can't get myself out?" Pujol asked bitterly afterwards. "He made a good pitch. I'm human. What, am I supposed to hit everything out of the park?" If you're playing in St Louis Albert, yes, you are.

This is precisely like one of those electrical impulses that causes movement in a body that is already dead, this victory.

But let's make it clear that Fernando Tatis is one electrical impulse away from fading fast. Making him the back up 2nd baseman, back up outfielder, back up first baseman is giving a little too much responsibility to a guy who is one season removed from being retired. He's a great clubhouse presence, wonderful. Make him the new third base coach but having his dying bat, Fmart's inexperience and a parade of fill-ins and hangers-on in the every day lineup is going to take its toll, quickly.

In any event, let's give credit where credit is due. For all their flaws, this Mets team is in a weird sort of way, a team to be proud of. What other team could take hit after hit after hit after hit and still keep on going like this?

The Mets are a major league-best 17-7 in the first game of a series.

Don't expect this feel-good story to carry on to the All Star break though.

Last night was a dream you won't want to wake up from.


jdon said...

Albert "I am not a machine" Pujols will not be clamoring for NY when he goes FA if he keeps getting questions like he did about the DP. He is a very sensitive robot. Games like this amaze me. Redding looks more hittable than Brian Lawrence. And giving up a double and a two run homer after two out was frightening. He is SO capable of getting blown up. He gave up a homer to RYAN, for crying out loud. I attribute the results to a good effort on his part and a lot of luck. This team will not win many games unless they can score multiple runs occasionally. Tonight they got two but made two baserunning mistakes in the inning. I think Fernando will do better this time. I think he has been very defensive at the plate. You cannot cover both sides of the plate when you hit. You have to zone. That is how you get power. Unless you are a machine, of course. So I look for better this time. I actually think he will relaz a little. Quesiton is, how much talent does he have? Is he another Escobar? Ochoa? The mets are great at hyping talent beyond its capabilities. Final note: a pitcher named Elmer? Bottom of the barrel.

I.M. Forme said...

they must've sent Fmart down because he forgot to lock his windows or something. Everyone knew Beltran was due for medical attention. I think a room full of chimps with wine coolers and index cards make the mets personnel decisions.

jdon said...

omar is head chimp. I just saw him interviewed on Yes by Fatcessa. I get so annoyed just listening to him. Wilpons, the man who is spending your money has the vocabulary and syntax of a third grader. Double negatives, split infinitives, stupid remarks. It is all the same to him. He is an embarassment to the organization and the rest of us. I do not want my team represented by a disorganized dope. But chew on this: his extension hasn't even kicked in yet.

Anonymous said...

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