Wunderbar! More Sand Kicked In The Face

Well now, that's an aggregate of 24-1 in the last two games. We've got the Yank-Mees right where we want them; cocky and over-confident. Just watch these Mets roll now!

Yep, that's right, Mr Rocky Outing himself

Innings Eater Pelf made it through five whole innings last night again, a lasting achievement for a bloke who has averaged almost precisely 5 innings per start this month. To his credit he wasn't abominable in for those 5 innings although it did take him some 93 pitches to make it before the ignominy of being replaced by Pat Misch in the 6th. The minor ignominy of course was being pinch hit for by Argenis Reyes which is like asking your cat to do your calculus homework. Pelf's ERA for June is a sparkling 6.39 demonstrating his growing experience in the Majors is having an impressive effect.

Misch and Elmer Dessens, no shock, were wretched, combining for 3 earned runs and 3 walks over 2.2 innings to help bury the Mets deeper. I told these dumb bastids in my weekly Flushing column that Tim McNab and Edgar Alfonso were the pair to summon up from the minors but did they listen? No, Omar, of course not. He's too busy coming up with redefining the term "Dysfunctional GM" to bother.

Ooof, how about a few free runs to add to the tally?

Shall I prattle on about the errors? Pshaw, why bother? Sure, errors led to two unearned runs but all that means is that the Mets would have lost 7-1 instead of 9-1.

That's because they were hitless until the 5th inning against CC Sabathia, when they unloaded for Sheff's homer and uh, a little sputtering.

On the bright side of the game, Parnell managed to get a guy out without surrendering 12 runs in the process so there's hope for him yet.

Oh yeah, and on the even brighter side, their rapidly decreasing their margin of loss and humiliation. At the current ratio (15 runs the last time compared to a mere 8 this time out) the Mets will only lose by 3 or 4 runs tonight.

I can't wait.


jdon said...

The makeup of this roster should hasten Omar's exit out of town, but the Won'tpons will see the injuries as an excuse. Jerry's lame alibiing is disgraceful. He isn't even behaving like a man. Three of our more productive hitters are on the DL--therefore we average what, 2 hits a game in this series? Bus or plane, Omar? Whatever you prefer. And take Tim Redding and his 6+ ERA with you. I am tired of hearing how creditable he is. 6+!!! After 5, you cross yourself, giv e thanks, and you take the innings and cut and run. Jerry's plan is to leave him in until the inevitable blow up-. A smart manager would have taken 5 and brought someone in. Tim Redding is Elmer Dessens, but we are only using Elmer for an inning. You can get away with that a lot of the time. You cannot get away with leaving Redding in until he fails. He gives up runs faster than Jose Lima.

Jaap said...

to be fair, how many teams could lose their lead off hitter, their best all around player/center fielder and their biggest power hitter all down at the same time and expect much offense? Yes, Omar's failure to stock the team with quality depth is glaring but jdon I do wonder what other teams would look like in similar circumstances - be grateful he had the foresight to sign even someone like Sheff which if you recall, no one understood at the time because without him it'd just be David Wright and 8 Losers trying to score runs. I think Elmer is actually worse than Redding - but if you think that's bad just wait til they unleash Oliver again!

jdon said...

Yes but a GM must also provide competent backups. Tatis, Reed, Argenis Reyes, Ken Takahashi, we have no one coming off the bench. Even Sheffield has been average. This team has been reduced to grading its losses from acceptable to unacceptable. Our farm system is the dregs. That is Stupid's fault.

Jaap said...

no question the absence of a tangible farm system is down to the GM - and yes, there is not alot of quality on the bench yet two replacement outfielders are injured and Cora is not a bad bench player even considering he's forced into the every day. I think with respect to someone like Tatis or even Reed, the interest was in their versatility. Let's not forget, these guys were only meant to play once a week or once a fortnight or pinch hit, not play as starters. But overall, the lack of good replacements is down to the rubbish farm system which frankly, one can't even blame on a big trades. Just nothing there. It's depressing.

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