By the Skin Of Their Teeth

You know the Mets are struggling when it takes 10 innings to dispose of the lowly Nats.

On the other hand, at least they didn't lose. Quite a consolation prize.

And I've come up with the idea that David Wright is the Ollie Perez of hitting.

Just like the Jekyll and Hyde act of Good Ollie, Evil Ollie, Wright's absurd inconsistency; unbelievably hot, as in .500 on the road before finding a massive hole in his bat and now, back on the road again, it appears he may have discovered his bat again. Last night his two-run double in the 10th sealed it for them.

Then again, when he tried to steal 3rd right after that hit, well, Jerry says he could have strangled Boy Blunder.


Do you care that Putz is now lost for the foreseeable months to elbow surgery? I mean, other than wondering who the Mets can find to blow leads in the later innings of games, of course.

Were you impressed by Redding surviving the first 4 innings last night? Now we've got our answer for a 5th starter so long as the 5th starter only pitches against Minor League teams the rest of the year.


I'd like to write volumes; a victory, even over the Nats, after that debacle in Pittsburgh is welcomed but I'm worn out by the incessant theatrics; the injuries, the mysterious illnesses, the mysteriously horrific performances by some players followed by their disappearances with sudden injuries. The overaggressive running leading to stupid outs, not just Wright, but even Beltran, in the beginning of last night's game. What is it proving? The Mets have a big heart? That they care? That they're trying hard? Or that in lieu of baseball intelligence they try sheer force of will, no matter how ill-advised, to push the game forward?

You can tell yourself a win is a win but 3 runs in 10 innings against the lowly Nats is indicative of a deep, deep malaise that not even injuries can explain.


jdon said...

I heard a guy on the radio today ask if Reyes was uncoachable. The answer of course is yes, but it made me think. Is he just uncoachable at this level, or was he allowed to be uncoachable at every level of is "development?" Does the Met organization decelop players? Wright stealing third wtih none out? This is not his first baserunnoing blunder. And why hasn;t anyone done something about his awful throwing mechanics? Murphy cannot catch a cold. He cannot play anywhere. /and aside from organizational products,, we have Beltran, who lays down ridiculous sacs batting in the 3 hole and delgado trying topull through the shift every time up. Nobody can tell anybody what to do on this team. Omar is overseeing an exercise in unbridled chaos.

Jaap said...

pace, jdon, let's just hope Omar surprises us all with a clutch trade in the next month or so...(hahahahha)

jdon said...

Everything about the Mets organization is shoddy and unprofessional. With the kind of money we spend we should be a deep, talented, intelligent team. Unfortunately we have arrived at this payroll total by piling one mistake on top of another.

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