Welcome to Idiot Land

Bottom of the 9th, two outs, two on, K-Rod against A-Rod, Subway Series, I mean jaysus, it couldn't get much better. A-Rod pops up, end of the ballgame. I mean, A-Rod threw his bat in anger, knowing he'd choked. Knowing he's A-Rod, Choking King, another failed effort.

Or, pop up to Castillo who tries to catch it with one hand AND DROPS IT! Game over.

This is the Mets season in a nut shell.

Pretty much everyone's reaction to the conclusion of the game the Yankees tried their best to give away to the Mets, mediocre starter, rubbish bullpen, lack of clutch hitting - the Mets just weren't interested in winning..."It's hard to believe," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. "We kind of got a gift tonight."

"I still don't believe it," A-Rod said. "I couldn't believe what I saw. I've never seen that before." When even A-Rod is making fun of you, it's truly a low point.

In fact, it's the Mets franchise over the last half dozen seasons in a nut shell.

Although I missed the first two the Mets didn't allow me to miss a third heart-breaking loss in a row.

And worse still, against the Yankees, sure victory, just close the bloody glove, a routine fly ball to end the game. I just can't believe it.

Epileptic dogs. That's our Mutts.

David Wright's double off Mariano Rivera to score Beltran was massive and although you could get as excited as you want, a one-run lead in Yankee Stadium is hardly formidable.

Especially when your second baseman is going to drop an easy pop up, drop a Mets victory, get the Mets to the second lowest point of the season after LA.

"I feel bad, I feel bad and tomorrow I gonna be ready for the next game", said Castillo afterwards. Get ready all you want, Luis but unless you've got a game-winning hit in your bat for the next two days, you are NEVER going to make up for this idiocy. Open glove, close glove, Luis? Feckin hell.

Not even Sheffield blast was sufficient to settle fears of the usual, unfathomable Mets loss.

Surely it's only going to get better what with Astros-reject Fernando Nieve taking John Maine's spot in the rotation tomorrow.

John Switzer, great début. 3-run homer to Matsui. Nice seeing you, now get lost. And maybe you should take that idiot manager with you, that one who put you in such a spot for your début, sticks you in there to "test" you - you failed. The manager failed for putting you in there to fail.

Well, not much more to say. Gutting loss.

It's clear at this point that Fernando Martinez and Daniel Murphy (the post-left field debaucheries Magical Murph in any event...) are clearly in over their heads, out of their element.

But what else is there to say about this, really?

I don't know why but I can't bring myself to hate Castillo for his stupidity any more, his failure to catch the ball with two hands. How many times have I had that thought watching Beltran in centerfield, casually sticking his glove up for what looks like an easy out?

There's something morbid about watching this team, watching them invent new ways, new fantastic, unbelievable ways to lose games. Maybe we should just start calling them the Anti-Phillies.


sanchez said...

simply disgusting. the only thing that could take the sting out of this was an announcement by Omar that he is resigning. (or perhaps just a trade for a first baseman and a starting pitcher....)

jdon said...

I already hated Castillo so I have no problem there. He is a statue at second base. No range. The slowest turner of a DP I have seen this side of Fernando Tatis. Especially when he starts one. He NEVER charges a ball. You could see he was having trouble from the git-go with the height of the ball, the lights, the chafing. But when you struggle like that can you at least have the presence of mind to close your second hand over the ball? No, you have to style, don't you? Three losses that the team had in hand. Another sloppy fundamental mistake. Look at this team. At present we have six guys who should not be at the major league level: Switzer, Valdez, Nieve, Reed, Murphy and Martinez. You might want to throw Castillo and Schneider into the mix as well; they ar eawful enough. Sean Green would have made the list two weeks ago and he still may return. While you can make excuses for Murphy and Martinez, all the others are here courtesy of Omar "If I Only Had A Brain" Minaya. That is the best he could do for injury replacements in the event any of his out of shape, old, indifferent or fragile (Hey, all of these adjectives describe Delgado, among others) players had to infest the DL. Jerry, who I thought last year might provide a breath of fresh air, instead fell in love with his press clippings and has morphed into a prime doofus. We are doomed. The name of this play is "Waiting for Delgado." That is about as depressing as it gets. And while we are on the subject, please tell me the last time Reyes drove in a big run late. This team is not lacking base runners, which is what he brings. And Cora is much surer at short than Jose has been the last year. We need people who can drive in runs, and drive in big runs as well. Baserunners we got. Oh, and we also need someone who can catch pop-ups.

Anonymous said...

Disgutingly sad-as soon as Castillo started drifting to his left you knew there was trouble. Switzer is not good and bringing him in at that point was poor poor judgement. Since 05(when had Wee Willie KNOWN how to use a pitching staff and we could have won the East) the Mets have NOT shown good fundamental baseball skills, or is it that their gaffes seem to afect the final outcome in negative ways that would be forgotten had we won. The last 3 nights are ALL easily winnable games if SOMEONE can hit a mere single in a gap where TWO runs might score(kudos to Church, Sheff and Wright for actually getting some extra bases)



jdon said...

I apologize. Somehow I left Mr Koo II off my list of incompetents. Please add him immediately

I.M. Forme said...

The NY Fundamentals. Can't catch, can't slide, can't run bases. Throwing errors seem to be down this year at least.

jdon said...

All across the blogosphere metmaniacs are going all in with a pair of deuces in their hand. They want out. They don't even want to watch anymore. This shabby, sloppy, clueless organization is going to ride the injury alibi all the way down the line, right to the point when Delgado and Reyes come back and they refuse to run out fly balls, or Delgado refuses to run to first when strike three is not handled by a catcher---sonmething he happens to do ALL THE TIME. Reyes, of course, will infuriate our opposition with his chest thumping and his meringue (sp?)dances after third inning home runs. And, of course, no one will get a big hit. I do not blame people for giving up. This whole fundamental thing is infuriating. But it is not because they loafed through spring training. It is because there is a culture on this team of letting the inmates run the asylum. I am also sick and tired of Sandy Alomar. He has been a coach the whole time this team has been playing with their heads up their asses. Everyone else gets changed (INCLUDING THE MANAGER)but Sandy goes on forever. When does he take a hit? Or is he Omar's uncle or something? Everybody talks about him like he is a beloved grandpa. Is it any surprise that the guy who is responsible for the infielders is left unscathed while the rest of the staff turns over every year? The culture of accountability stops at the bench coach. Bottom line is Omar has to go. He is the engineer on this circus train. You cannot accept the same mistakes from players, managers and coaches every year and not look to the man in charge. the mets are a laughing stock.

Jaap said...

you know what's funny? Darren O'Day, that's what's funny. Not a cure for the ills, just another symptom.

Anonymous said...

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