For One Night, Lowly O's Are Good Medicine

While it didn't end as prettily as Big Pelf had set it up through the first five innings, he did, in the end, earn his first victory in over a month and the Mets, just barely, managed to defeat the Baltimore Orioles and momentarily ease the pain of that humiliating loss to the Yankees two days ago.

Finally, a victory.

Of course, you might point out that the Orioles lost this game every much as the Mets won it but given the state of the Mets these days, considering the number of victories they've given away themselves this season, it's nice for a change for the other side to be just that much more inept than you.

The highlight of an otherwise snooze was the umpires 10 year conference on whether or not Melvin Mora swung at a ball that hit him in the hand. In the end, even hurt, he was called out on strikes, adding insult to injury, literally and after that, well, you knew which this game was going to swing. Or thought you did at least.

Even the O's catcher got into the fielding baffoon act in honour of playing the Mets

In the 4th inning the Mets were able to "break open" the game (which is sort of like pointing out that it doesn't matter if you're blind when you're playing piƱata because every is blindfolded anyway)after Brian Roberts booted what should have been a simple double play ball, allowing consecutive singles by Wright and Church to net the Mets a pair of runs with none out and Sheffield coming to the plate.

And then in the 7th, Aubrey Huff, a man who in some wishfully-thinking minds would be auditioning for the Mets this week, dropped a simple bases-loaded pop fly along the right field line which led to the two insurance runs the Mets would eventually need to eke out this precious victory.

Way to go to play like a Met, Aubrey. Omar, did you see that? I can smell a Murph and F-Mart for Huff and Guthrie trade like a smelly beer fart floating into the room. Dropping pop-ups to blow games is what these Mets are all about Aubrey, but you'd have known that already going in, wouldn't you?

The Mets were walking on eggshells last night trying to escape defeat (that's right, those are EGGSHELLS on the floor in that photo, stay focused...and by the way, this is a Sandy Skoglund piece so if you like it, check out her other works)

But for those two errors, the Mets might not have even escaped this game with a victory.

And just to add typical, needless drama, Bobby Parnell did his best JJ Putz impersonation, giving up singles to the first to batters to lead off the 9th and forcing Jerry to turn to Frankie Boy despite a 4 run lead.

Frankie Boy was of course, a bit of a car crash himself last night, still seething no doubt at the comments of a certain Nowhere Man Yank-Me relief pitcher, sandwiching two walks around a strike out to give the O's one run before finally shutting it all down on a ground ball and a game-ending K.

Careful how you celebrate, Frankie Boy, some Orioles reliever on the DL might take offence.

So there you go, a victory. Savour it because knowing these Mets it'll be their turn to play Laurel and Hardy in the field tomorrow night and by Thursday morning we'll all be sadly shaking our heads again. That would be about par for Jerry's one year anniversary, wouldn't it?

Murph and Martinez Watch

Given the noises the Mets front office has been making about this series being the final proving ground for this pair (as if there are other viable alternatives) you'd think they'd have launched themselves into offensive juggernauts. No chance.

Martinez got on base twice and scored both times. He struck out once. He's batting .200. Murphy was officially hitless in three at-bats however he did manage to drive in a run with a long fly ball to right field. He's hitting .234. Not a great audition for either.

If they're watching over their collective shoulders, Wily Mo Pena is hitting .333 over his last 10 games for Buffalo but no one else over would appear to be a potential replacement; yet another sad commentary on the Mets farm system. For the B-Mets, left fielder DJ "Silly" Wabick is hitting .357 over this last 10 games and believe it or not, Nick Evans, playing first base, has regained to some degree, his hitting stroke which had abandoned him horrifically earlier this season after the disappointment of not making the Mets in the Spring (and perhaps the sadder, unspoken commentary here is that one is put in the position of scouring a feeble farm system to seek replacements to begin with...)

In short, with nothing on the horizon, neither need fear someone is leaping up from the minors to take their place. They'll have to earn their demotions the right way and last night, well, no gaffes and very quite plate appearances. It's like watching the Sitzkrieg all over again.


I.M. Forme said...

whether you think Fmart and Murph are issues depends on whether you think this team could possibly get into serious contention. I don't know what to think, so this hasn't occurred to me. I guess Murph could do with more seasoning, but I don't mind watching him or Martinez. Maybe I've already given up on the season and don't know it. As you point out the options seem to be Willie Mo. Mo Outfielders Mo Problems, I say.

More pleasurable than this game was watching the Phils drop one to the Jays right after. That was sweet.

Jaap said...

Well, neither are hitting and there's a chasm in the batting order without at least one other bat. We may be stuck with them anyway.

Yes, that Phillies meltdown in the 9th and 10th innings was sheer beauty. And that's our season; happiness limited to schadenfreude at the demise of our enemies.

jdon said...

Pelf is maddening. He licks himself like a cat when he gets in trouble. I commented last night that when Pelf is going good, he gets the first two outs before allowing a hit. When he let the leadoff man on in the 6th and I saw him pushing his hat back and licking his paws, I said "Watch out!" This neuroses of his is getting disturbing. Watching him twitch and then pitch badly is a rotten sensation. Seeing Wright dressing him down in the dugout was hysterical, welcome as it was. I imagined that helium-inhaling voce of David's remonstrating this big bear and I nearly pissed myself. It got even better when David got up with the bases loaded and could not make decent contact on three straight 3-2 fastballs. I sometimes think Pelf feels guilty that he is so much bigger and better than every one else so he brings himself back down to earth. When he throws his slider and curve he is impressive. Guys go bsck to the dugout shaking their heads after trying to drive that sinker. But he lets them up off the mat. As for Murphy and FMart, I think they both should go down but I dread what would come up or come in to replace them. And as much as I like Tatis personally, and his hustle and his attitude, he looks shot at the plate. I think the league remembers how they used to get him out. We need a first baseman NOW.

Jaap said...

well jdon, that image of Pelf the Cat, licking his paws on the precipice of trouble brewing is one that I will keep with me the rest of the season - nice one.

I did notice Wright trying to play team leader but as you rightly point out, this is not a plausible role for him while he continues to further his reputation as a man of empty RBIs and one who doesn't hit in the clutch as much as a leader does. Every game I watch and see his massive batting average all I can imagine are all those pathetic whiffs and all those times he absolutely failed with the bases juiced. He's got a long way to go but perhaps this is the season he reaches puberty and his voice deepens.
We need an every day outfielder AND an every day first baseman but the problem is it isn't possible to get one with NOTHING in your organisation that anyone wants.

jdon said...

True. And let us not forget that David should have been on second twice last night but forgot to run.

Jaap said...

by the way jdon, further to your remarks on Pelf getting the first two outs before allowing hits, he's got a 6.20 ERA with 2 outs, 4.32 with 1 out and 3.51 with none out. Batters are hitting .317 (.345 OBA) with none out .233 (.302 OBA) with one out and .289 (.404 OBA)with two outs. Do with those stats what you will.

Anonymous said...

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