Mets Continue Sitting Portrait Of Losing

You have to wonder about Jerry's bullpen acumen, using the same clowns over and over and over again. Or maybe you have to wonder if Omar is on fucking holiday. Maybe you can excuse his hands being tied by their own rubbish farm system in executing a trade for a decent bat or two to take some of the heat off of Wright and Beltran but this slow to the take sort of movement on hitters and pitchers is starting to make the Mets bleed more and more games. The bullpen sucks, they need help. How much more bloody obvious does it have to be?

For about five minutes yesterday, the Mets could be happy. The rest of the time, a miserable foreshadowing to what remains a miserable season.

Stokes came in for only an inning and then, after Scheider's happily unexpected three-run homer gave the Mets a slim one run lead, Jerry calls on Bobby Parnell to hold the lead in the 7th. Bobby Parnell has been crap lately, can't get any body out. So why is he out there trying to hold a one run lead? Who knows, but of course, he doesn't hold the lead. Instead he gives up a two run effing homer into the second deck. Bobby Parnell is not only no longer unhittable, he's a bloody batting practice pitcher. So HELLO Mets front office, stop dithering, drop Bobby Parnell already and call up Tim McNab, who has an 0.79 ERA over his last 10 outings. And why is that wanker Switzer still out there taking up a valid roster spot? Would you use him if you were Jerry?

Big Pelf was busy getting rocked in the 5th for the 2nd consecutive start but was saved by Carl Crawford's idiotic attempt to steal 3rd with no one out, the Rays best hitter at the plate and Big Pelf on the ropes. That kind of stupid aggression on the base paths is what usually kills the Mets, not their opponents. But it didn't do the Mets much good. By the way, Pelf's numbers with first pitch strikes is so daunting you'd think he'd be taking yoga lessons in the bullpen "seeing" the strike zone. Yet there he is out there, throwing first pitch balls over and over again.

Mercifully, a rain delay halted the Rays 4 run inning with two outs and the bases still loaded. Given that the Mets chances of coming back again from a deficit are about nil, you almost had to hope the rain didn't stop. A mercy killing.

The rain delay saw all sorts of interesting methods people used to entertain themselves

But no, the delay ended and the game went on with further humiliation still and in the end, the 10-6 loss, the 12th loss for these Mets in their last 18 games.

So if it feels like the Mets are losing too much to be taken seriously, you're right. And worse still the month isn't going to get any better. Next up, the St Louis Cardinals, who swept the Mets in St Louis back in April the last time these two teams met, totally outclassing and out-baseballing the Mets. And I mean TOTALLY.

So don't expect much but pain heaped upon more pain. One thing for certain is the Phillies won't keep losing. Secondly, Carlos Beltran's knee problems are not going away and sound ominously seriously - the MRI will probably only confirm our worst fears. Hope you enjoyed his play this year.

Lastly, whilst Omar continues sitting on his hands letting wishful thinking do his thinking for him, you can be sure, in light of watching A-Hole's laboured return from hip surgery, that Carlos Delgado is not going to be bouncing back this season as quickly and as optimistically as the Mets are deluding themselves into believing.

That's what sucks about this - watching a crap bullpen maintained, no activity. Watching a batting order of weaknesses continue to flourish and to pin their hopes on the ever-elusive recovery of Carlos Delgado and Who? Jose Reyes? That kid and his mystery hammies are never coming back.

But hey, don't worry the Mets front office chimps tell us like they're feeding us fertiliser and calling it caviar, John Maine and Oliver Perez are supposed to make Single A starts at St Lucie. Pretty soon our bullpen woes will be over.


The only prayer these Mets have is if someone buys out the Wilpons and completely sweeps clean the Idiot Collective of Delusionalists in the front office.

Until then we're going to be left with one mess of bad judgement after another.


jdon said...

Jerry = Ass.
He should have left Pelf in for 7 to make this guy pitch through these things. Had he given up 4 in the seccond or third he would not have pulled him. Instead he kills his bullpen. Now we have to rely on Redding to get us to Frankie!!! Hahahaha. I know they plan to push some of the dead weight out when Ollie and Maine come back, but can we throw games away while we wait? Everyone everywhere is better than Mr. Koo, and this Switzer's curve ball is a little league pitch. And if we are relying on Ollie to rescue this team we might as well go into Sell Mode.

Jaap said...

from NJ Ledger - Schneider says Pelf gets tired and weepy:

"When he gets tired, that's when he loses his sinker," Schneider said. "His arm gets a little tired, it drops down a little bit, his sinker runs out of the zone."

It's fucking JUNE, how is he tired already? Not only that, but he'd only thrown 88 pitches by the time they pinch hit for him. Maybe they should be using him for middle relief instead of as a starter.

And what good (forget about all the other shitty pitchers in the pen) is a guy as specialised as Feliciano? No wonder the bullpen is knackered - he throws like 10 pitches an outing. Wait, apologies, he threw a whole inning yesterday - but 7 of his 13 appearances this month have been less than an inning. In fact I think they were saying yesterday he's thrown the fewest innings per outing than any other pitcher in baseball (or the NL, not sure) - 40 appearances, 30 innings. With that kind of specialisation he should have an ERA hovering around 1 instead of mid 3s.

But the worst thing is this incredible delusionist thinking - Delgado will come back and answer all the questions, Perez and Maine will come back and fill in the rotation - blablabla. Alot of wishful thinking. That's what this team is.

jdon said...

And I am tired of players bullshitting reporters. Tired? Pelfrey said after the game that it was not like they were ripping the ball off him. Does not sound like he wanted out. Having said that, why pinch hit Tattoo with two our and no one on? He isn't going to homer there. Now Beltran goes down. I heard Ed Coleman say today that FMart is going to play CF. Are you kidding me? What about Church. He used to play CF 20 lbs ago. He will still do a better job than FMart. And what is Tatis doing batting cleanup? Huh? Jerry? Even if he were to do a good job, it is still a stupid idea.

Jaap said...

the sad but simple truth jdon is that the Mets are out of quality players. And you could probably point the finger directly at Omar, not just for his roster configurations which boggle the mind, but also for the rubbish farm system the Mets have established in his GMship.

Anonymous said...

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