Huff's The Hero Again, Mets Suffer Further Humiliations

If the Mets were ever going to make a trade for first baseman Aubrey Huff they should have done so BEFORE this series.

Huff had his second game-winning hit in a row last night, this time a bases loaded single in the bottom of the 9th off Frankie Boy and let's face it, if you can't rely on Frankie Boy, who CAN you rely on? And the sad part is that you have to spend time emphasising this is the first "legitimate" blown save of the season for Frankie Boy because this wasn't caused by Luis Castillo dropping a simple game-ending pop up.

Hey Metsies, why not lose two of three to the bottom-dwelling Orioles?

If Felix Pie is this happy there must be something seriously wrong in the world.

After all, the fact that the Phillies were swept at home by the Blue Jays giving you a great opportunity to narrow their NL East lead shouldn't be taken advantage of. That should be ignored since you have no interest in climbing up in the standings. Now the Phillies are going to come to Baltimore and crush these same O's while you are going to roll like dogs on your backs against the Rays, right? Isn't that how this stuff works?

Let's see what excuses do we have in the magical excuses-for-losing hat tonight, kids?

Well, there's the usual moan about injuries of course; the fact that Fmart and Murph still form part of the every day batting order.

Then there's always the old how-could-we-ever-hope-to-score-on Jason Berken excuse. Ok, they did manage four runs off him officially, but those didn't come until the 6th and 7th innings. And that was only after the David-Wright-Strikes-Out-Swinging chorus kicked in. We are now entering the David Wright Ice Age again apparently wherein he will strike out mysteriously or ground out weekly in nearly every at-bat. One infield hit in the first five innings against Jason Berken? Why not just stay in your hotel rooms, getting your packing done a day early?

I not the guy, I not the guy...

Finally, there's the how-can-we-hope-to-win-with-Pedro-Feliciano-pitching-for-us excuse, perhaps the best one of them all.

As an encore to giving up the game-losing 2-run homer to Huff last night, Super Stink came in tonight and gave up a one-out double to Huff in the bottom of the 8th. Let's not forget that El Stinko is the lefty specialist, the guy whose only job, whose only exhibited major league characteristic is getting out lefties and who for the second night running, failed even in that tiny little job.

And because watching Feliciano fail again apparently wasn't funny enough, Jerry summoned in Sean Green to send us rolling in the aisles with side splitting humour. Sean Green? Major League pitcher? Heeheehee, Hohoho, Hahaha.

I mean why NOT Sean Green, right? Who else are you going to find who can give up a single and then a run so quickly?

And after all, if your closer is going to remain spooked by some Yank-Mees wanna be relief pitcher and give up two walks and two runs in the bottom of the 9th before even getting the second out of the inning, what difference does it really make who you parade out there the inning before. They're just target practice, that's all.


If this series was supposed to be Fmart's big chance to prove he belongs in the Major Leagues then I guess going 2 for 11 with 3 strikeouts is pretty much a plea to be get bussed to Binghamton. Those aren't even good enough for Buffalo numbers. Up in Buffalo, I guess lefty Cory Sullivan is starting to hear his own footsteps. He's hitting .364 over the last week. And he hasn't done anything since tripling twice in the same inning back in the Spring of 2006 so he's do for a hot streak. If you aren't reading about Fmart's demotion over your morning coffee on Friday it must be because Omar is lying in his bed with his throat slit. Or maybe he's still trying to find out where Jerry's buried The Indelible Mr Reed.

As for Murph well, 4 for 12 with an RBI double is hardly a memorable audition tape over three games but you if you're feeling hopeful you can point out that after hitting .176 in May, Murph is hitting a sizzling .229 in June so the trend is upward for this kid. At this rate, by August he could be hitting like, .350. And if you consider by August, just maybe Reyes' hamstrings might be located and Delgado will up and get out of his wheel chair you can just sense a late season Mets juggernaut appearing. Either that or you're simply delusional from the mini-aneurysm you just suffered watching Frankie Boy cough up his first legitimate blown save of the season.

And look, as rubbish as the Mets are, at least they didn't lose two out of three AT HOME to the Washington Nationals, did they? Noooo, that's the domain of the Yank-Mees, that is. And they weren't swept at home like the Phillies, were they?

No, this was simply a lousy, stinky, miraculously feeble two losses out of three in Baltimore wherein the only victory was in essence only because those O's gave the game to them with errors to begin with. The Mets are two horrific O's errors from having gotten swept themselves.


jdon said...

Just look at it this way. Whenever Frankie blew his first save it was going to feel like this. As for David, it looks like he is trying to hit the ball over a building again. It is like someone says "Susquehanna Hat Company!!" and he becomes another person. Or maybe it was "Afghanistan Bananastan?" Whatever the word is, somebody better figure it out. Plus, he is swinging at pitches he does not hit early in the count. David is essentially a middle down hitter. When they get it up on him he has trouble. What amazes me is how ridiculously hot he has gotten this year. Idonot have a good feeling about this bunch. The Phillies laid down and said come get us and we got got instead.

Jaap said...

Well, yes, Frankie Boy had to bite the bit at some point, no doubt. The question is, is doing it against a bunch of sad sacks like the O's going to feel better or worse than if he did it against say, the Phillies? Hard to say how to take the poison.

I don't mind if Wright is the streakiest hitter in baseball so long as he's hot when it counts down the stretch. Whilst the Mets stink at this point I don't think the rest of the NL is good enough to sign them off from even their wild card chances this early.

Funny, isn't it? Only June and already the air waves full of chatter about the wild card and we're only three games out of first - what does that tell you about our expectations?

I.M. Forme said...

yeah hard to believe it's only June. It's gonna be a long season.