Santana Start Spoiled; Mets Drop Another

Although he might whinge about the typical lack of run support from his teammates, truth be told, Johan Santana kind of lost this game on his own.

D'oh! The uncharacteristic error didn't prove to be his downfall but might as well have

I mean these were only the Pirates and staked to a 1-0 lead in the 5th, he promptly surrendered an inexplicable game-tying homerun to Jason Jaramillo, who had never hit a homerun before in his Major League career.

And then compounded the problem, he had, by his own standards, a complete meltdown in the 6th surrendering a single, throwing a wild pitch and then allowing back-to-back doubles to give the Pirates what for the Mets is, an insurmountable two run lead.

That was it in a nut shell. Eight singles by the Mets, another 0-fer night for David Wright, (2 for his last 22) another night another injury, this time a pinky dislocation to Ramon Martinez which entirely demonstrates the futility of this stretch for the Mets; the pinky injury came as a result of a slide across home plate that gave the Mets the early lead.

You might also say insult is added to injury by the fact that the Pirates beating the Mets was not even the biggest sports news in Pittsburgh tonight given the Penguins' Stanley Cup match which slimmed an already typically small Pirate crowd to an incredibly fat guy sitting a few rows back up behind home plate and a handful of other die-hards.

And admittedly, with the French Open full of upsets, perhaps my attention too, was slightly distracted.

Sorta like Razor Shines trying to figure out why he's still the third base coach.

Thanks, Razor


jdon said...

I heard some of this game on the radio. I need a Wayne Hagen filter of some kind. He is unbearable. I will not kill them for these games. The lineup is hideous. The pitching allowed 3 runs. Last night one guy killed them. Problem is, I do not look forward to the return of El Stupido and his chest pounding brainless form of beisbol. They will score more runs though. And Church I think will be turned around in a trade as soon as he strings 3 hits together

Jaap said...
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Jaap said...

I've only listened to a few games via the radio feed this season jdon but I have to agree, Hagen is rotten. He just doesn't sound like he's doing a ballgame - not a Mets game anyway - should be doing like sand lot games in kansas or something.
but you should hear these pirates tv announcers (including steve blass) who make me feel like I'm sleeping rather than watching a game.
These losses, given the injuries and illnesses and the resultant batting orders, are understandable, and yes, at least they aren't losing by playing stupid ball or missing bases at the moment -
but they are losses and good god, games like last night are almost unbearable how they drag on so listlessly.

jdon said...

I am more than happy to blame the mets when they lose, as you undoubtedly know. I don't like this team, or at least the team they started out with. but let's face it, amazing as it seems, they are presently outgunned by the pitt pirates. now martinez, who was probably going down, has a dislocated pinky. cora lis playing with a torn ligament in his thumb. sheffield is plaing with a sore knee, and david wright has a hole in his bat.

Jaap said...

I thought when Santana slipped trying to grab that bunt and throw to first (or was it second, hard to say because he never got that far) that he was going to come up lame. I mean I was certain. Just goes to show that perhaps not everything is going against the Mets. Perhaps this is just the character-building portion of the season that they can point to when it's all over and they're pouring cheap domestic lager over their heads and say, this was the turning point. But probably not.