Mets Lose 2nd In A Row, Where's K-Rod?

The less said about Friday's hideous 2008 flashback, with Darren O'Day working in the 9th and surrendering the winning run, the better.

Hey, at least we don't face them on the last game of the season again....

Well, the hell with it: The Marlins' bullpen, thought by many to be their Achilles Heel, pitched 4 innings, gave up 7 hits and 4 runs, ruining a brilliant outing by Anibal Sanchez, who stifled the Mets through the first 5 innings. They tried to give the game away, they really did. But not even a rubbish bullpen can give away games facing the likes of Alex Cora with two on and two out in the 9th. With a bench comprising of automatic outs, the chances of a rally in these circumstances appear to be unlikely.

In fact, we might be looking at the scenario of, like last season, scoring often and early and hoping the Mets can hold on.

Not with that bullpen though.

Where's my bullpen?

Yes, Putz and K-Rod do their jobs. (so far)
But when you're sticking O'Day out there with the game tied, hoping to hold it so the top end of the Mets order can get a lick again in the 10th against the Marlins bullpen, apparently your chances of success are not very good.

Not leaving 14 runners on base.

The rest of it, blurred. Let's just forget it. A second loss in a row, this one against the still undefeated Marlins.

Good points: Church continues to sizzle and keep Sheffield on the bench. This nonsense about Sheffield learning to play right or, improving, whatever, is just that. Church will stay in the lineup until he's no longer hot. Not even these Mets are dumb enough to remove a hot bat for an old man in his waning seasons whose bat is questionable and whose fielding is crap.

And Maine. Maine's velocity was encouraging as much as Pelf and Ollie were discouraging and I've got a feeling Livan is going to be sharp so maybe the rotation isn't as hideous as thought. Maybe it's this bloody bullpen that still needs sorting out after all...

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sanchez said...

I don't mean to be insensitive but exactly how many lousy outings is O'Day going to be able to blame on a former teammate's death? The Angels went out and WON their first game after Adenhart's death, they didn't play like dogs and then blame it on Andenhart's death.

But even if O'Day was pitching decently that doesn't negate the lack of clutch hitting. Jeez, a terrible bullpen and no clutch hitting. The Mets just never seem to change.