Citi Field, The World's Greatest Food Court

Thanks to the good lads at Flushing University, you can now read my most recent column here and which is excerpted below:

Although I wasn't around when Teatro all Scala opened in Milan in 1778, something tells me the reviews of the Salieri's opening performance of Europa riconosciuta in the world's greatest opera house weren't overrun with laudatory verses about the spaghetti alle vongole being sold during intermission.
Yet after a week's opening run of official baseball at Citi Field the recurrent observation by the media and even fans seems to focus more on the ponderous abundance of quality nosh than it does on the quality of play on the field.

Happy reading and let's hope the change of venue does the Mets some good.


katherine said...

Well I nominate tonight's game as "Most Upsetting Loss of the Year". Likely there will be many more like this. But I don't think I can take any more close-ups of Daniel Murphy's face after a misadventure in left field. That poor child will be scarred for life by this experiment.
And why didn't Carlos slide!!??

Jaap said...

yeah! why not! I feel for Murph though, it's not like he isn't putting in the effort!

katherine said...

I actually had trouble sleeping last night as a result of replaying those two events over and over in my mind - Daniel's semi-somersault and Carlos's non-slide.

Jaap said...

well at this rate, the Mets will be out of the pennant race by the All Star break, Luis Castillo can be traded to some playoff team for a few minor leaguers and Murph can be moved to second base