The Game By Game Guide To Public Humiliation

If increasing their stature as League Laughingstocks was their goal, the Mets have certainly seen great success in getting swept by the Cardinals, each game a progressively bigger, demoralising disaster.


If Santana had pitched in this series he'd probably have been hit in the head by an errant throw to first by David Wright.

Maybe the Mets are the anti-Cardinals.

Oh goody, Sheff in Left. Omir behind the plate.

Am I the only one who still thinks "PITCHER" every time I see Rick Ankiel's name in the batting order?

(Or at least he made that diving, fully extended catch to steal Sheffield's extra base hit and then hit that homer.)

You know what the best thing about this mlb.com tv thing? No bloody commercials. Not a peep about watery American lagers. Just silence. It's wonderful.

In the 5th, bases loaded, 1 out for David Wright. Whattaya think?

4 base hits in one inning. Result, 1 run. Met Inefficiency at it's finest.

Cardinals open the 5th with 2 hits. Result, 2 runs.

Even the Cardinals telly broadcast team are inoffensive. Is everyone on soma in St Louis?

Hernandez joins the conga line of Met starters who pitch batting practice during games.

Whattaya know, the Mets are folding again.

No chance that K-Rod is going to break his own save record this season. He's getting more time off than Pedro.

I'm going to go on strike now from Mets blogging until the Mets win another game.

Actually, I'm going to the FÉNYÍRÓK FESZTIVÁLJA in Győr for a few days. Hopefully the Mets will have won again by the time I return and the repugnant start to the season will magically disappear. Ha.


jdon said...

4 hits and 1 run? Was Delgado the lead runner? Castro? Heard some of this on the radio. The Mets really suck on the radio. I actually thought it would be easier to take, but I did not factor in Wayne Hagan. I understand K-Rod spent the last three days at Mohegan Sun. Is that true?

jdon said...

Chew on this little tidbit that I found in Joel Sherman's Hardball

There has long been a dearth of legitimate catchers in the majors, and Minaya allowed a young one (Jesus Flores) with talent to be lost for nothing while protecting (in the Rule 5 Draft) - among others - such non-entities as Steve Schmoll, Alay Soler and 48-year-old Julio Franco on his 40-man roster.

It is enough to make you want to vomit. If you were not already aspirating on the Ollie Perez re-sign.

I LOVE YOU said...


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