Mets Roll Over And Whimper To Have Their Bellies Scratched

This is what you call a baseball game devoid of any inspiration.

You know what words of encouragement and hope the genius manager had to say after the game, a third consecutive Mets loss?

“We can’t continue to perform and pitch in this manner and expect to be champions of this division.”

Jeez Jerry, are you sure about that?

Are you absolutely certain that the Mets can't expect to be champions of the division if three of their five starting pitchers look like they'd struggle in Triple AAA let alone the Major Leagues? No doubts slinking around in the back of that clever little mind of yours that a continued streak of clutchless hitting and meek capitulation night in and night out is precisely the formula that will win the NL East?

Captain Mediocre fell to 0-2 with a 7.47 ERA in three starts to open the season.

John Maine, you aren't ready to come back yet.

You belong in Buffalo with Ollie and Pelf learning how to be pitchers instead of clubhouse furniture. Among this trio, nearly 37 innings pitched, 32 earned runs surrendered. That's not pitching, that's squandering. That's malingering.

No Jerry, as you so cleverly pointed out, you are not going to win the NL East with these three pitching like they're being paid by the earned run rather than the out.

And of course, it's not just the rotation.

This is the second night in a row the Mets batters floundered in the late innings. Of course, this time they didn't even have a lead to lose so instead of watching the Cardinals come back, they watched the Cardinals build a bigger lead. That's what you call diversity. Never lose the same way twice. Keep us guessing...

Let's see, will it be the horrific pitching or the lack of clutch hits that is our downfall tonight? How about Little League errors in the outfield? How about a team superstar who thinks Jesus won't love him back if he gets his pants dirty? How about that gagging sound that drowns out any stadium of fans whenever the Mets realise they have to score after the first inning to win games?

It is demoralising, considering the absurdist moments of Tuesday night's game, that the Mets had no answer to being knocked down and kicked. Didn't even dust themselves off. Just lie there, waiting to be kicked again. And again.

What you see with the Cardinals is a well-disciplined, well-coached team that knows how to execute. What you see with the Mets is a lack of direction, an inability to execute, a blasé dysfunctional group of players, floundering.

Yes, we hear you. It's not even May yet. Two games under .500. Still plenty of time, 148 games to turn it all around, blablabla. I don't care what the Phillies record is or that the Marlins are cooling off.

You're right Jerry, these Mets are not going anywhere with the way they've been playing but down.

So, Mr Manager, do your job. Don't explain the obvious to us. Sort the team out and get them rolling or frankly, you'll be gone on the first midnight telephone call on a West Coast trip after the All Star break.


I.M. Forme said...

that's how it goes!! and that's how it keeps going.

I think this season was thrown in the off season. Poor poor planning with two pitchers coming off injury, one still unproven, and one named oliver perez. I predict our "super" pen will be worn out by the time we have shorts weather here in the states.

Normally this early in the season, i would hope for some subtle shift in chemistry that will produce a more pleasurable viewing experience, but I've seen this exact team more or less play too many games to be that foolish. The 2006 mets are not walking through that door.

jdon said...

Maine stinks. He is overrated. maybe we will give him 12 mill when his time comes. The worst thing that has happened to the Mets in the last few years (except for re signing Omar) was the fluke that occurred when Perez and Maine won 15 games two years ago. That doomed us to 3 or 4 more years of these guys, neither of whom has the concentration level of a gnat. We should have been focusing on getting a real pitcher. I think Pelfrey can amount to something. But he has to start getting calls from the umps when he throws his breaking ball on the corner. And he has to use this so called Greg Maddux style fastball that he unveiled in spring training. What I do like about Pelfrey is that he does not sound like a mental case after games. He is a stand up guy. Most of these Mets are far from that.

jdon said...

I mean, just think about it: we have a catcher who won't block the plate, an on-deck hitter who does not give the slide sign, a left fielder who throws to the shortstop for a relay home on a sac fly, a center fielder who does not slide on close plays, a first baseman who does not range for grounders or run the bases hard, a third baseman who cannot throw to first, and a bunch of guys named Joe as our non-Santana starters. And Jerry the Preacher Man "expects" to win a championshiop. Don't worry about the relievers, Jaap. The good ones hardly ever get into a game.

Jaap said...

Mr Forme, couldn't agree more about the pen. I suppose it's not entirely Jerry's fault when most of the starters are lucky to make it to the 5th inning. Shitty starting pitching burns bullpens fast.
I think for entertainment value, Ollie's pitch count should be increased to 200. He's already being paid to do nothing but watching other teams play him like a pinball machine until his arm falls off, I must admit, would be entertaining.

Jaap said...

I agree with you jdon, about Pelf. He's a lad's lad. I think he'll be fine once this season rolls on, despite the innings he put in last season.

I really would like to see Maine and Ollie toil at Buffalo awhile. We could bring Pedro back at a reduced price and bring Figgy back up since he cleared waivers. No one could do worse than Maine and Ollie at this point so it's a crap shoot. Let them both remember what a privilege it is to pitch in the show over in Buffalo and see if they are ready to help us if we aren't already out of the race by August.

Anonymous said...

I like the 200 pitches idea. Save Our Bullpen. The concept of a human sacrifice has always appealed to me. The gods must be angry at the Mets, after all. This could achieve both spiritual and practical benefits.

jdon said...

oops. I did it again.

Anonymous said...

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