How Sweep It Is!

I admit, throwing three lefties against the lefty-eating Brewers had me worried.

But who knows, maybe they were Nat or Pirate lefties they'd been feeding on. Sure, they beat up on poor Niese but otherwise, they folded meekly in the face of our trio of lefties. The Faux Brewers don't look like playoff material, CC can't pitch every game and don't be surprised if they go on an extended losing streak that drops them from the wild card lead altogether.

What we do know is that for three games the Mets' disspiriting bullpen has t least temporarily righted itself: tonight Joe Smith proved that when used delicately, he can almost be competent, when he isn't tipping his pitches Duaner Sanchez is nearly fearsome and when spotted a 7 run lead, even Schoenweiss can close out a game. Amazing what an expanded roster can do for you.

Nobody's catching Church's Granny

Ryan Church's grand slam was all the Mets really needed, run-wise to see Oliver Perez get his 10th win of the season.

Perez was less than stellar - downright baffling at times, and nearly blew it by the 7th until the pen shut the door for good.

And next comethe Phillies - a chance to seal the NL East.

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