Trouble, Trouble

Well, for the last 2 days anyway, what has been held together by the vaguest of hopes, chicken wire and packing tape, appears to be coming apart.

That's right - the oft-loathed, occasionally relieving relievers who have allowed us the wildest of speculations despite the lack of a "real" closer for their momentary daliance with competence may once again be on the down swing, at the direst of times.

no single-handed heroics were big enough

The debacle of three of the last four games now haunt us all and, like the sword of Damocles poised, threatens the seson yet again.

Of course there is also the lack of timely hitting to blame yet let's face it, not even a dozen runs is a safe lead when it omes to the pen at times.

yes indeed, exactly

Yesterday's stomach-turning reult, like so many blown victories this season, seemed almost pre-ordained: a slim 2 run margin into the 9th was almost laughable when bemoaning 0-for-10 with runners in scoring position yesterday and leaving 12 on base.

27 blown saves in one season will do that to you.

But, rather than piss and moan I'e decided to rest my faith in the fact that at every single cross roads this season these Mets have risen to the occasion. Yes, the bullpen is a dizzying mess but somehow the Mets have made it this far anyway.

The Mets aren't beating themselves up over this senselessness, merely moving on tothe next game and so will I.

Given the grit they've shown to date they deserve as much.

Besides, I've already bought my ticket to NYC hoping I'll see them in the World Series in October.


katherine said...

You planned a World Series Trip? It actually makes me feel marginally better to see how optimistic you are.

Possibly, though, that is only because I now know there will be someone out there who will take it even harder than me when this year slouches towards it's inevitable depressing conclusion.

jdon said...

Welcome back to the nightmare I warned you of. There is only one thing to do. Pitch guys who have not failed. Here is my list: Parnell, Tatis, Church, Sandy Alomar Sr. and Jay Horwitz.

jdon said...

Or they could take the starters and pitch them every day-- 2 innings apiece--for the next 14 days. That might work. If we score 10 runs a game every game I see us going 10-4.

Jaap said...

well katherine, there are two playoff spots left and only one phillies team so something's got to give... but it'll be good to see nyc again anyway, sweeeeter still to see mets-omania sweep aside our valid fears

Jaap said...

jdon, I reckon we'll need 15 runs per game to feel even remotely safe.

Itsmetsforme said...

don't look now but the offense went on holiday again. Send us a postcard, mr David Clutch Team Leader Wright.

i just miss the 13 or so years of losing out to a clearly superior team. THis phillies shit ain't right man.

jdon said...

God bless all present. David Wright reverted last night, seeing a lefty and deciding he was Dave Kingman again. Is corporal punishment permissib le? Manuel should slap him upside the head. delgado has been swinging at shit the last few games. A very bad sign but I suppose he at least is entitled to a small slump. It is up to Beltran and Wright (and Church, byn ow, anyway) to pick up this slack and deal out some punishment. Parnell looked good. But it was the bottom of the lineup. My over/under for the BP tonight is 4. Any takers?

Anonymous said...

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