Gagne gifts Mets a victory

It's the Mets who are supposed to have the handicapping pen but in the opener it was the Brewers whose pen blew the lead.

Unfortunately my keypad is fucked so I`m typing this via an on-screen keyboard which is as laborious as chiseling it into stone thus although I`ve got many wonderous things to say about last night`s coe from behind victory, I will keep this necessarily brief.

Go Mets.

Hopefully keyboard will be sorted soon.

From mutt to MVP in a few easy months


jdon said...

I feel for you. I have posted some ugly comments here when my keyboard went kerplunck. Good job yesterday, although I cannot figure how Ayala gets people out. He throws a sinker that never seems to sink. Oh well.
Can somebody whisper the words 'right field' in D-
Wright's ear. He is starting to look like you-know-who in the clutch.

Jaap said...

Jdon I expect people are still too busy laughing at his Nat season to notice - still, have to admit it was another subtle yet important find for Omar.