NOT What The Doctor Ordered

We've all been here uncountable times this season already, throwing our hands up in frustration and disbelief.

We've seen the Marlins end our season before, far too recently. Have they done it again already?

As it stands now, if the Brewers or Phillies don't lose again, the Mets season is over, regardless of what the Mets do.

So of the many disappointments of last night's seemingly predictable result, the Mets no longer controlling their own fate has to be the most disappointing.

After 160 games, the blame game matters least.

After a rollercoaster ride of a series against the Cubs, last night's loss seemed almost anti-climactic, as though perhaps the fight in this team had been exhausted.

Yes, Parnell allowed two runs without recording an out. Yes Feliciano threw one pitch and hit a batter. Yes, Reyes was 0 for 5 which is really all you need to know about the disappearance of the offense. But it doesn't matter who's to blame anymore. It seemed a team-wide effort.

Will they survive now depends more on the Brewers and the Phillies than on the Mets themselves.

I don't think it matters that Santana is going to go back out today on 3 days rest. The best he can do is win one game. He can't win two and he can't beat the Brewers or the Phillies over the next 2 days either.

So take a deep breath. The shit is about to hit the fan. Hopefully it won't be a Met fan.


jdon said...

nothing matters anymore. why does reyes always try to hit like a muscleman when hanley ramirez is in town? wlll he ever grow up? i feel sorry for manuel. as annoying as wagner is, a healthy wagner and we are probably coasting now. willie had wagner and blew it anyway. what they are saying on the radio is true. you have to change the culture but which one or two of these core guys do you get rid of? tough question. kep them all and they will disappoint again.

Jaap said...

nice move by manuel to change the lineup - remember how resistant willie always seemed to beltran in the 2 hole? I wouldnt get rid of any core guys yet. Besides the 80 year old Alou will be back next season. Make way for the World Champs!

jdon said...

If they did not learn something about courage and winning today then all is lost

Jaap said...

you almost wonder if a team like the Mets deserve a man like Santana. That's YOU, Mr Wright.

jdon said...

brewers down 4-1 in the 8th. if they lose we should be in decent shape. scott olsen is one of the worst pitchers in the league, and if we do not beat him like a rented mule........you finiah thw thought, jaap.

Jaap said...

death and destruction, mate. that's wot.

Anonymous said...

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