Santana Helps Mets Get Split

I have to admit, having listened to the Brewers bullpen implode against the Cubs and blow a 6-2 lead in the 9th, the woes of the Mets own pen were put in perspective and, knowing Santana was pitching last night, a little of the pressure against the Nats was off.

No doubt the Mets, with the exception of David "Choking Dog" Wright, felt much the same way.

Mr Masterful

Santana was masterful, hurling 7 nearly-spotless innings whilst the Mets built up a convincing 7-1 lead. 15 consecutive starts without a loss.

The bullpen, by and large, gave everyone's nerves a rest for a change, allowing only a run despite Joe Smith's dubious 23 pitch inning in the 8th wherein he managed to give up 3 hits and a run but started no major fires.

Show-a-loss shat himself again; giving up a pair of hits and trying to open the door to a 9th inning Nat rally before Jerry yanked him for Feliciano, who nearly walked Langerhan, a .231 hitter to load the bases, but instead, induced an inning and game-ending double play.

Keeping those throws to first in the bloody ball park tonight, lad?

Wright closed out a humiliating and nerve-ridden 1 for 18 showing against the Nats, which can only lead one to hope he's saving his hits for the Braves, whom he is hitting .500 against since the All Star break.

Brian Schneider, by contrast, hitting .333 in September, had a pair of homers against his former teammates, and was 6 for 13 in the series.

The Phillies of course, won again, maintaining their whisper-thin lead over the Mets.

They won't keep winning forever, not even in September, and move now to Florida to face the Marlins, who have won 8 in a row themselves.

does this look like the face of a man who is nervous, insane, excited or possessed by voodoo spirits?

It all boils down to what makes this all so exciting: the final week and a half of the season with the Mets still in the thick of it when only two days ago everone was wincing with doubt.


jdon said...

Last night would have been a perfect situation to bring Heilman in and let him work out the kinks. Oh, that's right, they tried that the night before last. Well, how about Parnell? Must we bring in guys who fail continuously? I don't know about you, but I got a little skittish when Mr. No-Stuff (Lefty version)started the ninth. Then Feliciano goes three and one. There was nothing relaxing about that. Mr No-Stuff (Righty Version) faced 3 batters Sunday and gave up 3 runs! And he was warming up to come in once we got the tying run to the plate. I never feel comfortable with any of our bullpen guys. Any. Not a one. It has gotten to the point where I would prefer a AA untested rookie (with better stuff than our entire BP combined). I realize he may fail misrerably. But they would only let him do it once. The experienced others (aka total failures) can do it and do it and do it....you get the idea.

jdon said...

PS. I was just starting to feel comfortable with Joe Smith and he hung that slider to Wil (Not Johnny Bench) Nieves, who has hit like crazy against our guys. Then he could not get the lefty out when he was ahead in the count and....oh, forget it.

katherine said...

Jaap, maybe the bullpen gave YOUR nerves a rest for a change, but I was like jdon, an absolute wreck when Joe Smith et al started putting runners on. And we weren't the only ones who were worried. Kevin Burkhardt (sp?), interviewing Johan in the 8th inning, finished the interview with a plaintive, "Hopefully they get the win for you". Unbelievable, the score was 7 - 1 at the time!

Absolutely fantastic photo of Jose. I made it my laptop wallpaper. I adore him.

You know who David reminds me of? Gary Carter. Mr. Dudley Doright, who put too much pressure on himself to be the hero. In the 86 World Series, Carter was terrible initially, went something like 1 for 18 to start. But in the sixth game, two outs in the tenth inning, who refused to give up and declare defeat? Kid. He started that final rally by hitting a single. So hopefully DWright will redeem himself. The thing is, will he get the chance?

Anonymous said...

Katherine- I hope you are right. I would love to see it, because he is a great guy. Jaap, ---Choking Dog?----whew! Is that his Native American name, maybe?

jdon said...

Once again I made myself anonymous. There must be some Freudian reason for that. Apologies.

Jaap said...

Prenell, parnell, parnell.

clearly he's not in the plans.

he must have a fragile ego.

give him more of momma's tit in AAA.

Jaap said...

Katherine, that analogy with Gary Carter is spot on, dudley do right choke hold.

I think though because Wright is from the system and Carter was from elsewhere (we won't say the name or recognise the hat,)Wright's choking is more profound as if it were your own child.

I say this not knowing what has happened with the Mets on Fri and Sat, I've been in mountains with no internet so now that I have it I will check, mebbe he's hit a trio of homers and the Mets are in first place.

Who knows?

Jaap said...

jdon, it's visceral, baby.

Anonymous said...

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