Hey Phillies! September Fade?

It appears all those Phillies phans who thought they could back into the post season again might have to reassess their October plans.

That's right - thanks to the Phillie phailure to go for the kill Sunday night the Mets' magic number is down to 16.

And, bonus - last night's 10-8 win over the gnats mathematically eliminated the Atlanta Braves.

The funny thing is with Carlos Delgado enamouring the fans with a couple of homers a night to the point they've begun to chant MVP instead of douchebag, you'd almost forget there wasn't a soul outside the team who hadn't written his career off and yet boom! There he is, righting all the wrongs, playing like it was the 2006 Division Series all over again.

Or yeah when everyone was dreaming about this in Spring Training we were all talking about how some washed out reliever on the Nats was going to save our season by replacing The Hillbilly as our closer.

And look, after last night how many Mets have at least 100 RBIs this season? Three? Is that all? Because Houston are the only oter team in the majors with more than one? Of course it appears to have been done with smoke and mirrors for both Beltran and Wright and damned if Wright wasn't out there getting extra BP in to mooth out his swing before last night's game.

And all this fearmongering about the pen? Well, ok, we've been lucky of late and we're still not in the clear on that one yet but look, we've only had to see Heilman once so far in September - any coincidence?

Lastly, we can hope that the 0 for 15 slump was Reyes' last of the season. When he hits, the Mets win, simple. 58 games with at least 2 hits, 81 wins. Somewhere in there is the god particle, you do the maths.


Won't be here for next few days but the Mets will.
Good night and good luck.


katherine said...

I hope you have a good time, wherever you are going.

The Luis Ayala story is really the most incredible thing, isn't it? When he walked off the mound last night with a big grin on his face, I was expecting the National's pitching coach to come tearing out of the dugout to try to kill him. Can you imagine how much they must hate him?

jdon said...

Here is the real question: was it the removal of willie or the insertion of Manuel that got it going? Is this team capable of winning as long as the manager does not become a tightass puppetmaster bullshilt artist? Or did it need a Manuel to guide it to this point

Itsmetsforme said...

whereever you're going, i hope there is no aaron heilman there.

Rickey Henderson said...

And all this fearmongering about the pen? Well, ok, we've been lucky of late and we're still not in the clear on that one yet

No, not by a long shot. The pen gives Rickey night terrors.

jdon said...

Speaking of which....shile I like the work that Stokes has done so far, I do find it a bit disconcerting that he has not yet given up a home run with NO ONE ON base! he has a little Heilman in him, the main difference being that when he throws mid 90s he challenges hitters, while when the little h does it he nibbles. Now we hear about Heilman's knee. Oh, so we could have disabled him and avoided 10 losses. Good job. Whoever would have replaced him would have been an improvement.

Jaap said...

apologies to everyone for my premature belief the bullpen angt was behndd us. I leave a few days and look what shambles ensues.

Anonymous said...

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