Now, Even Wildcard In Doubt

How often it feels like you're living and dying with every pitch, euphoria effortlessly blending with despair as this pennant race reaches its zenith.

Take the 8th, for example - down by 1, the Brewers winning in Pittsburgh, Delgado's leadoff double sent us soaring with hope. Then came Beltran's single, prevented from being an RBI single by Luis Aguayo's sudden conservative scaredy-cat decision to hold Delgado at third. Followed by the fear/knowledge it would be costly.

Aguayo, you will recall, has a history of questionable decisions to send runners from third. Now he overcompensates. Can we bring back Willie to coach 3rd for the last four games of the season.

And naturally, Choking Church K's to advance no one. Castro grounds out. Fear and disgust grows.

Then Chavez gets mysteriously and intentionally walked to load the bases for Ramon Martinez which leads to confusion as many scramble to figure out who the hell he is. First game in September? Mets' starting playoff second baseman?

More glee when Martinez walks in the tying run, relief and hope because Reyes could bust it open once and for all but....naaaaaaah, not tonight, inning over.

the Curse of Church has many forms

Leadoff triple in the 9th by the Magical Murph in the 9th sends us swooning and gave Wright the chance to be a hero but instead he strikes the fuck out on a clear ball four.

that should be your head not your helmet

Sweet Lou opts to load the bases for Church...fingernail chewing or chain-smoking time...Church, shiteejit, grounds into force at home, growing anger, how the hell do you not score with a leadoff triple?! Shiteejit, you say? Yes. A new word I've invented for Church, combining shite with eejit as in, Shite! What an eejit!

Castro meanwhile, strikes out and the chair smashing and bottle-throwing commences in earnest. 10 men left on bases over 5 innings. The sea gulls are going mad with derisive chatter outside the window. Two innings in a row, bases loaded nets a mere run.

Even the crowd is quiet considering the lost opportunities.

Turn to prayer as in "Please oh please Mr Met, don't let this end with another reassuring yet empty speech by President Bush to the American public.."

Countdown to Doom

Bollocks and double bollocks. Thence forward, the inevitable, massive cock up of a loss was certain to follow.

Can't honestly even blame the pen for this one.

When two innings in a row with bases loaded nets one stinking run, you pretty much already know yer fecked.

If we're lucky, the rest of the season gets rained out.


jdon said...

It's the lineup, stupid, to paraphrase Bill Clinton. Yes our bullpen blows. But it has been the lineup in all the very tough spots since 2006. Ollie also infuriates. All thaqt work to speed u his delivery and his leg kick is now in slow motion. No wonder he walks the world. Church has been worse than horrible. Wright does it again. He walks there and Beltran bats with the bases full, the same Beltran who...oh that's right....struck out with the bases loaded and the WS on the line in 2006. It would not have mattered. This team is doomed.

jdon said...

The Phils handed it to us. That is how tough they are. And we handed it back.

Jaap said...

jdon, you might add that Beltran K'd with out even swinging in 06, the muppet. I heard on WFAN the other day that Wright is the poor an's A-ROD all stats accumulated when it doesn't matter.

Itsmetsforme said...

These guys in our core clearly can't get it done. I hate to resort to Steve Phillips rotisserie GMing but we need to adapt to our organizational strengths so I'll say it:
Teixeira or bust!!

Since Omar's main skill is wooing free agents with tremendous amounts of money, not building a club based on a solid plan for winning the NL east, this seems the only way to go. That and releasing the entire bullpen Oct.1.

I also think that Omar, since the dopes are retaining him it seems, should be tied to a stake in centerfield with his eyes taped open so he has to watch every minuet of the misery on Sunday, as the team he put together defiles both Shea stadiums' goodbye ceremony and the sum total of Mets history. Sunday might be the worst day in mets history yet.

jdon said...

Why don't we just strip our bullpen down and turn them loose in the stands on Sunday? Of course, the stands might be empty.....

Anonymous said...

Wbhere is katherine? I hope she is all right? These are trying and dangerous times for Met fans

jdon said...

there I go again with Mr. Anonymous. Incompetent idiot.

jdon said...

Okay-win 3 and we are in. I cannot help but think milwaukee loses one. I also pray the phils lose 1. Win 3. We might get the Dodgers.

P.S. I don't actually believe we won't blow at least one, though

jdon said...

at least we are not facing the dreaded josh johnson

Jaap said...

frightening times, kiddies, but it beats a tail-spinning september choke job. no matter how it plays out this is a simultaneously hideous and miraculous season. my main wish, after Mets winning the NL East is Phillies getting nothing at all. Go Nats, go!

Anonymous said...

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