Pedro Retires Early, Out D-Train'd As Mets Lose 2-1

Pedro Martinez is finally doing the smart thing, he's quitting on the season whilst he's still ahead.

Removed after tossing just 75 pitches over five innings, it is Pedro's will that this be his last outing of this memorably miserable 2005 experience. He can pack up his toys and head home.

Adios, Pedro, have a Happy Offseason

Pedro's inning total has reached 217, the same total he had last season with the Red Sox, the 27 post-season innings notwithstanding. Pedro of course, will be pitching ZERO post-season innings for the Mets this season.

"It's their decision," the Magic Pedro blamed. "I haven't talked to them about it. They can do whatever they want to do. At this point, everything's said and done."

Let's face it. The Mets management isn't smart enough to see that far ahead in the game to shut Pedro down and let him rest for next season a few games early. Hell, they aren't officially eliminated from the post-season yet and as we all know, Willie Randolph is not the kind of manager to throw the towel in early for these "meaningful games" - isn't that why Anderson Hernandez didn't get a start until earlier this week? Isn't that why Looper was still the closer until a night or two ago?

Whether it was Pedro's decision or the Mets, it really doesn't matter - it was a well-overdue move. There is absolutely no reason not to rest him the rest of the season just in case the Mets are somehow competitive next season. I should know, having recommended this move myself some two weeks ago.

But perhaps to sell tickets for an otherwise meaningless game to the Mets, Pedro pitched another, this time against the D-Train who is the only non-LaRussa managed pitcher to hit 7th and whose batting average at 2.50 is higher than his ERA, which is 2.44 to go with his 22nd victory against only 9 losses.

D-Train is fighting Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals for the Cy Young but we're not sure what effect outdueling Pedro for 5 innings and shutting down the teeny, tiny bats of the New York Metropolitans, is going to have on the voting. The Mets are in effect, the tomato cans of the NL East and even though they took two of three from the Marlins, it was only because the pressure is off of them whilst for the Marlins, the pressure is still on.


Last night also so another Mike Piazza swan song.

Summoned as a pinch hitter with two on and two out in the 7th last night, Piazza, we can say, staying consistent with his MO for this sadly fading season, struck out.

No hang on, he was only doing his Carlos Beltran imitation, he said after the game.


Anonymous said...

Now that Pedro's done for the season, maybe we can get Willie Randolph to end his prematurely! (or perhaps early retirement)

Jaap said...

I think they should have shut down Willie Randolph's thinking cap about 75 games ago. He's the Manny Acta of professional managing.