Gee, thanks.

Remember this image because you haven't seen it much this season and you probaby won't see it again, a rare species called Kaz Matsui and LOOK! He's driving in a run! Imagine that!

So, the Mets won today.

Big fucking deal.

They've already lost the first two games, the Marlins weren't even watching any more, they were too busy laughing and holding up Shingo Takatsu placards.

Ho boy, that Mets train sure is rollin' now!

Thank christ for Jae Seo you say?

Why, because he pitched brilliantly and deserved the win?

Didn't Benson do that yesterday?

Oh wait, hang on!

In the fourth, Cliff Floyd blasted his second two-run home run in as many games, this one to deep center field to put the Mets ahead, 4-0. The homer was his 29th of the season, and his first back-to-back home run games since June 24-25, when he hit three in two games against the Yankees.

A spark? A flame?

Nahhh, don't tease us.

We already had it with Carlos Beltrans' infamous night against Philly last week - sssssh, watch, wait, listen...


Ok, the Mets won a game. Finally. Good for them. Now sweep the effin Braves and I'll be impressed. Until then, I'm holding back everything but the bile.


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William said...

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Jaap said...

I'm glad you were able to correlate teeth bleaching with the Mets - hey, it was an almost seamless transition!

PS- Fuck you.

PSS- Fuck your mother too.

Go Mets!

Jaap said...

Feedburner, I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate your support.

I'll be sure to contact you the next time I want my shoes shined.

Fuck you and your mother!


Viva los Mets!