A Win When It Doesn't Count

Win when it doesn't matter.

This reminds me of thinking of a great comeback, a real fuck-you-in-the-face zinger only after the jerk has walked away and it's a week later and it's been rolling around in your head, filling you with a backlog of bile the entire time.

What was it Delgado's agent once said? That Carlos signed with the Marlins because they had a better chance of making the World Series?

Not yet, muthahfuckah.

Even though they managed only four hits in twelve innings of play they somehow came from behind for a strangely competent 12 inning 3-2 victory to win for the 32nd time this season, in extra innings for the seventh time in 13 tries, win in their final at-bat for the 14th time, and on a game's final pitch for the seventh time.

What does this tell you about the Mets?

Nothing. Let's be real.

I like that they've won, don't get me wrong.

But I would have liked better that they had won BEFORE they collapsed and dropped themselves like junkies out of the human race.

So should we be pissants, beatifying our every victory now, after we've let so many slip away when it mattered?

No, we should celebrate the meaninglessness of it, the season, the hopes, the little anginas that happened two or three times this season when we thought to ourselves or aloud, "fuckin hell, maybe we DO have a chance after all..."

No, these are the ashes from wherein a small burst of fire erupts inexplicably.

Must I pantomime the exercise of pretending?

"Wow, two of three from the Braves and now winning the same way we used to lose against one of the teams still in the hunt...?"

Just wait til next season.


the Mike Piazza Doll, you can break it's hand, throw beanballs into it's head, smash it and knock it over repeatedly yet it still won't play first base.

And not to be overlooked, they have won consecutive games for the first time since Aug. 25 and 26.

Floyd made another brilliant throw to cut down Jeff Conine at the plate for the third out, taking Juan Encarnacion's base hit in left-center and producing his 14th assist. Floyd leads the National League in outfield assists.Jeff Conine was thrown out by Floyd while attempting to score from second on Juan Encarnacion's two-out single. Floyd's throw arrived just ahead of Conine, who slid into Piazza's glove as the Mets' catcher blocked the plate.

The collision knocked Piazza onto his back and several feet off the plate. And we could, by reasonably deduction, conclude that Conine is a pussy.

Victor Diaz's 5 at-bat four strikeout routine reminded us that at .259, he is no bargain as a hitter and he certainly isn't yet capable of compensating for the confused manner with which he patrols right field. However, he managed to fist a double in the 7th inning and eventually scored despite an otherwise rough night.

Collectively, the Mets managed only two hits through 11 innings and struck out an appalling 15 times so perhaps Victor was only trying to fit into this strange new Mets offensive philosophy.

Anderson Hernandez had his second consecutive 0 for night in two MLB games and has now struck out three times in eight at-bats.

Kris Benson gave up only two hits on four runs in seven innings of work whilst the Mets were nearly being no-hit by AJ Burnett who did in fact, take a no-hitter into the 7th inning.

"Spoilers are losers," Randolph said, pretty grandly considering that in fact, the team he's managing are by his own definition, losers. "I don't want to ever have my team feel good about being spoilers."

You can tell the Mets aren't taking the season seriously any more when Victor Zambrano is out there pitching in the 8th inning, giving up two hits and an "intentional" walk though no runs and showing us he's still the same auld Victor.

Spoilers are losers Willie, you said as much yourself. But who is the manager who got them there, spoilers instead of contenders?


Jaap said...

I wonder how cool Mike Piazza is when he's being fed through a wood chipper?

Anonymous said...

I think Wilie Randolph should be replaced by Art Howe's wife.


Good question.


That's why.

Now go back to drinking your gruel through your Mets straw because if you wanna eat meat you gotta be a fucking Yankee and real cutlery!


Jaap said...

I remember back in the auld days, this website would spray mace into the eyes of anyone who typed "Yankees" into their keyboards.

Now we just throw them in prison to get fucked up the ass like they like.

Kyle in Newport News said...

When did Willie say that? Recently? If so, he can Shingo fuck himself.

Thanks for fueling the hate.

Jaap said...

Yes, Willie really said it. I think it should be the Mets slogan going into 2006. "Spoilers Are Losers"

Anonymous said...

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