Larry Young Is A Chimp

It's so rare an occasion when we can blame Larry Young for ruining our game against the Phillies this afternoon.

"But we can and Larry Young
should be hung
from the highest rafters we can find."



(Hey, Kaz, Is It The Price of Oil That's Got You Down?)

Sure, Glavine screwed himself and us all at once with his mishandling of Burrell's bat on ball that blew the double play that would have sealed the fatal inning. Yes, Glavine, as it turns out, was his own worst enemy. Down 2-0 and now help from his teamates save for Reyes' triple - another stroke of paint in his work of art that Reyes will be if he has another season of playing without dodging hamstrings or other injuries...

But Larry Young is a chimp for the absurdist strike zone he created, fandazzled us with his imagination of the parametres of Larry Young's Strikezone. A creative chimp, but a chimp, nonetheless.

Larry Young is a chimp for making everyone think he was throwing out Charlie Manuel when in reality, he was only throwing out a bench coach. Yeah, Larry!

There isn't much good to take from this 3-1 loss.

It's a loss. It's another game behind the Phillies for the NL WC. It's losing two out of three at home where you rule on normal occasions and where you were supposed to get your respite.

Well now here we are: Florida and Atlanta waltzing into our collective faces whilst we digest losing two of three to our target, the team leading the wild card chase, playing at home.

What will the Mets do?

We've watched them toy with mediocrity all season. We've seen them countless times rising up when you thought the season had already been killed before them. Remember 0-5? Remember the chaos of Atlanta? Remember the Cameron-Beltran highway head-on collision?

Every time you kick them, like a clothed yet dead body in front of you to see if they're alive, BOOM! ... The Mets pop back up again and scare the fuck out of us into thinking that we might be able to do it or naaaah, what the fuck were you thinking??!!

It's all about Beltran.

We've stayed execution with help from unexpected places - and now it's time for the money man Beltran to earn his keep.


Kudos to Glavine to throw enough innings to get next year's contract. In May, I would have shat myself thinking about paying Glavine for another season but he's found himself. He's brought his curve back and that, as was once wrote, has made all the difference. I'd like to see him pitch in the 20th season of his career with the Mets.


This was a game I could listen to live when I got home from work. Rare, the Mets day games.


I wanted to give two links. One, is a blog I read daily and love the bits out of, even the little greasy bits that sneak through the drain pipe and coagulate into some sort of ectoplasmic goo.

Anyway, this guy is the best writer of the Mets I've read and in it, pointed out the Woodward Factor. Manager Willie didn't take Metsradamus' advice and look what happened:

Metstradamus On Woodward

the other link was to this Philly Daily News sportswriter I think is one of the best in America, Bill Conlin:

When I'm King Of The World:

"Jimmy Rollins will have his eyelids clamped open and he will be forced to watch every pitch of every one of Lenny Dykstra's 637 at-bats in 1993 - plus the 129 plate appearances that ended with ball 4... On every one of those at-bats, the best single-season leadoff hitter in Phillies history took the same approach Rollins took during the 11-pitch AB he had in Shea Stadium on Tuesday night leading off against Mets righthander Jae Seo. The Phils broadcasters reacted as if Rollins had just discovered a cancer cure. The praise was actually an indictment, of course. Since when does a major league leadoff hitter rate hosannas in the highest for doing what every No. 1 from Wee Willie Keeler to David Eckstein is expected to do - get on base any which way possible and score runs? Rollins wound up flying out. But Kenny Lofton homered for the first time since Opening Day and Pat Burrell gave the Phils a 3-0 lead with a homer to left."


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Jaap said...

The outpouring of Met sympathy and obvious comraderie of two muppets begging free publicity for their respective websites is frankly, overwhelming. I'll be doubly touched when you two get together to produce a website on Flower Gardening Simulators and Self-Promoting Microsoft Groupies who perform unsavoury acts on harmless domesticated animals.

jabair said...

dude!! all the way in the UK huh?? how in he hell did you become a mets fan?

jabair said...

dude!! all the way in the UK huh?? how in he hell did you become a mets fan?